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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2017Adaptive Reuse Of Civic BuildingsYazdani Mehr,, S; Wilkinson, SJ; Hassanpour, H; Skates, H; Holden, G; Amoêda, R; Lira, S; Pinheiro, C
2017Adaptive reuse of Sydney offices and sustainabilityWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, H
1-May-2018Advising on flood risk - opportunities and challenges across international commercial property marketsBhattacharya Mis, N; Chan, F; Kreibich, H; Montz, B; Lamond, J; Proverbs, D; Wilkinson, SJ
1-Jan-2019Algae building technology energy efficient retrofit potential in Sydney housingWilkinson, SJ; Stoller, P
Jan-2010Alterations and extensions to commercial buildings in the Melbourne CBDWilkinson, SJ
23-Sep-2016Analysing Trends in Sustainable Building Adaptations in the Melbourne CBDWilkinson, SJ
7-Apr-2014Assessing Adaptation Using PAAMWilkinson, SJ
1-Aug-2018Attenuating heat stress through green roof and green wall retrofitCastiglia Feitosa, R; Wilkinson, SJ
Jan-2011An Australian/UK comparison of contemporary teaching and learning technologiesWilkinson, SJ; Shelbourn, M; -
Jan-2012Back to the future: heritage Buildings, sustainability and adaptation in the Melbourne Central Business DistrictWilkinson, SJ
10-Jul-2015Building communities and their legal implications - A German case studyFirley, E; Hogrebe, N; Wilkinson, SJ
Jun-2015Building Information Modelling and the Value DimensionWilkinson, SJ; Jupp, JJ
Jan-2014Building Permits and Sustainability: A method for measuring the uptake of sustainability in the built environment over time.Wilkinson, SJ
10-Jul-2015Building resilience in urban settlements through conversion adaptationWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, HR
1-Jul-2016Building resilience in urban settlements through Green Roof retrofit.Wilkinson, SJ; Dixon, TD; Wilkinson, SJ; Dixon, TD
12-Feb-2018Building Urban Resilience through Change of UseWilkinson, SJ; Remøy, H
6-Jun-2014Community awareness of green roofs in SydneyWilkinson, SJ; Osmond, P; Heller, A; Manion, J; Sumich, M; Sharman, L; Hirota, EH; Formosa, CT; Onyango, J
Jan-2012Conceptual understanding of sustainability in Australian Construction firmsWilkinson, SJ; -
1-Jun-2013Conceptual understanding of sustainability in the Australian property sectorWilkinson, SJ
Jan-2014Conceptualising the benefits of green roof technology for commercial real estate owners and occupiersLamond, J; Wilkinson, SJ; Rose, C; -