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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08-08Creating a virtual space for collaborative project planning using the future creating workshop process: building the global climate change education initiativeBrydon-Miller, M; Williams, B; Aguja, S; Blumrich, M; De Sousa, L; Dzerefos, C; Kolb, B; Marimbe, L; Muller, I; Pillar, G; Prudente, M; Rabin, S; Rauch, C; Rauch, F; Way, A
2015Engineers' professional learning: through the lens of practiceRooney, DL; Willey, K; Gardner, AP; Boud, DJ; Reich, AJ; Fitzgerald, T; Williams, B; Figeiredo, J; Trevelyan, J
2015-07-24House Price Determinants in SydneyGe, X; Williams, B; Arslani, KY
2023-07Modified-release morphine or placebo for chronic breathlessness: the MABEL trial protocol.Date, K; Williams, B; Cohen, J; Chaudhuri, N; Bajwah, S; Pearson, M; Higginson, I; Norrie, J; Keerie, C; Tuck, S; Hall, P; Currow, D; Fallon, M; Johnson, M
2016-04Risks associated with permanent discontinuation of blood pressure-lowering medications in patients with type 2 diabetes.Hirakawa, Y; Arima, H; Webster, R; Zoungas, S; Li, Q; Harrap, S; Lisheng, L; Hamet, P; Mancia, G; Poulter, N; Neal, B; Williams, B; Rogers, A; Woodward, M; Chalmers, J
2016-01-01Simulation experiences of paramedic students: a cross-cultural examinationWilliams, B; Abel, C; Khasawneh, E; Ross, L; Levett-Jones, T
2018-11-16Words matter: a call for humanizing and respectful language to describe people who experience incarcerationTran, NT; Baggio, S; Dawson, A; O'Moore, É; Williams, B; Bedell, P; Simon, O; Scholten, W; Getaz, L; Wolff, H