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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-08Biomass Processing via Acid CatalysisBodachivskyi, I; Kuzhiumparambil,, U; Williams, D
2014-01-01Completing the loop: Returning learning analytics to teachersKennedy, G; Corrin, L; Lockyer, L; Dawson, S; Williams, D; Mulder, R; Khamis, S; Copeland, S
2016-04-25A conceptual framework linking learning design with learning analyticsBakharia, A; Corrin, L; De Barba, P; Kennedy, G; Gaševíc, D; Mulder, R; Williams, D; Dawson, S; Lockyer, L
2015Loop: A learning analytics tool to provide teachers with useful data visualisationsCorrin, L; Kennedy, G; Barba, PD; Bakharia, A; Lockyer, L; Gasevic, D; Williams, D; Dawson, S; Copeland, S; Reiners, T; von Konsky, BR; Gibson, D; Chang, V; Irving, L; Clarke, K
2009-08-01A process to design a network of marine no-take areas: Lessons from the Great Barrier ReefFernandes, L; Day, J; Kerrigan, B; Breen, D; De'ath, G; Mapstone, B; Coles, R; Done, T; Marsh, H; Poiner, I; Ward, T; Williams, D; Kenchington, R
2016-03Remote links: Redesigning maternity care for Aboriginal women from remote communities in Northern Australia - A comparative cohort study.Kildea, S; Gao, Y; Rolfe, M; Josif, CM; Bar-Zeev, SJ; Steenkamp, M; Kruske, S; Williams, D; Dunbar, T; Barclay, LM
1999-01-01Seasonal changes in photosynthesis of eight savanna tree speciesEamus, D; Myers, B; Duff, G; Williams, D
2020-10Verbatim Theater: Prompting Reflection and Discussion about Healthcare Culture as a Means of Promoting Culture Change.Dalton, J; Ivory, K; Macneill, P; Nash, L; River, J; Dwyer, P; Hooker, C; Williams, D; Scott, KM