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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-07A critical care pandemic staffing framework in Australia.Marshall, AP; Austin, DE; Chamberlain, D; Chapple, L-AS; Cree, M; Fetterplace, K; Foster, M; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Fyfe, R; Grealy, BA; Hodak, A; Holley, A; Kruger, P; Kucharski, G; Pollock, W; Ridley, E; Stewart, P; Thomas, P; Torresi, K; Williams, L
2017-04-13Aboriginal mitogenomes reveal 50,000 years of regionalism in Australia.Tobler, R; Rohrlach, A; Soubrier, J; Bover, P; Llamas, B; Tuke, J; Bean, N; Abdullah-Highfold, A; Agius, S; O'Donoghue, A; O'Loughlin, I; Sutton, P; Zilio, F; Walshe, K; Williams, AN; Turney, CSM; Williams, M; Richards, SM; Mitchell, RJ; Kowal, E; Stephen, JR; Williams, L; Haak, W; Cooper, A
2014-11Commissioning for long-term conditions: hearing the voice of and engaging users – a qualitative multiple case studyPeckham, S; Wilson, P; Williams, L; Smiddy, J; Kendall, S; Brooks, F; Reay, J; Smallwood, D; Bloomfield, L
2007The Contribution Of Apolipoprotein E Alleles On Cognitive Performance And Dynamic Neural Activity Over Six DecadesAlexander, D; Williams, L; Gatt, J; Dobson-Stone, C; Kuan, S; Todd, E; Schofield, P; Cooper, N
2022-01-10Coproducing Knowledge of the Implementation of Complex Digital Health Interventions for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury and their Communication Partners: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study.Miao, M; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Debono, D; Brunner, M; Salomon, A; Mcculloch, B; Wright, MR; Welsh, M; Tremblay, B; Rixon, C; Williams, L; Morrow, R; Evain, J-C; Togher, L
2015-04-01Development and Pilot Testing of the Eating4two Mobile Phone App to Monitor Gestational Weight GainKnight-Agarwal, C; Davis, DL; Williams, L; Davey, R; Cox, R; Clarke, A
2023-09-19Digital Health Implementation Strategies Coproduced With Adults With Acquired Brain Injury, Their Close Others, and Clinicians: Mixed Methods Study With Collaborative Autoethnography and Network Analysis.Miao, M; Morrow, R; Salomon, A; Mcculloch, B; Evain, J-C; Wright, MR; Murphy, MT; Welsh, M; Williams, L; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Debono, D; Brunner, M; Togher, L
2013International collaboration on prevention of shaken baby syndrome - an ongoing project/interventionFoley, S; Kovacs, Z; Rose, J; Lamb, R; Tolliday, F; Simons-Coghill, M; Stephens, A; Scheiber, D; Toma, A; Asboth, K; Kassai, T; Agathonos, H; Lopes, N; Williams, L; Sahin, F; Tasar, A; Sarten, T
2013-03-21Tyrosine supplementation as an adjunct treatment in anorexia nervosa - a noradrenergic repletion hypothesisHart, M; Wilcken, B; Williams, L; Sibbritt, D; Nunn, KP