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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2009ABMS: Agent-based modeling and simulation in web service selectionAl-Sharawneh, J; Williams, MA
1-Jan-2014Affective facial expression processing via simulation: A probabilistic modelVitale, J; Williams, MA; Johnston, B; Boccignone, G
1-Jan-2017The altruistic robot: Do what i want, not just what i sayBillingsley, R; Billingsley, J; Gärdenfors, P; Peppas, P; Prade, H; Skillicorn, D; Williams, MA
8-Nov-2010Anticipation as a strategy: A design paradigm for roboticsWilliams, MA; Gärdenfors, P; Johnston, B; Wightwick, G
1-Jan-2010Attention in the ASMO cognitive architectureNovianto, R; Johnston, B; Williams, MA
1-Dec-2009Autonomous learning of commonsense simulationsJohnston, B; Williams, MA
8-Nov-2010Autonomy: Life and beingWilliams, MA
1-Oct-2019Avoid being the Turkey: How big data analytics changes the game of strategy in times of ambiguity and uncertaintyvan Rijmenam, M; Erekhinskaya, T; Schweitzer, J; Williams, MA
26-Feb-2018Be More Transparent and Users Will Like You: A Robot Privacy and User Experience Design ExperimentVitale, J; Tonkin, M; Herse, S; Ojha, S; Clark, J; Williams, MA; Wang, X; Judge, W
1-Jan-2014Belief change and semiordersPeppas, P; Williams, MA
1-Sep-2003Belief revision and organisational knowledge dynamicsTselekidis, G; Peppas, P; Williams, MA
1-Mar-2018Bon Appetit! Robot Persuasion for Food RecommendationHerse, S; Vitale, J; Ebrahimian, D; Tonkin, M; Ojha, S; Sidra, S; Johnston, B; Phillips, S; Gudi, SLKC; Clark, J; Judge, W; Williams, MA
1-Jan-2004Case based game play in the RoboCup four-legged league part i the theoretical modelKarol, A; Nebel, B; Stanton, C; Williams, MA
Jan-2004Causal-Loop Diagrams in Information Systems Research into Strategic AlignmentCampbell, BR; Avison, D; Elliot, S; Williams, MA; Williams, S; Pollard, C
1-Jan-2014Classical conditioning in social robotsNovianto, R; Williams, MA; Gärdenfors, P; Wightwick, G
1-Jan-2008Comirit: Commonsense reasoning by integrating simulation and logicJohnston, B; Williams, MA
21-Oct-2010Conceptual ternary diagrams for shape perception: A preliminary stepRudduck, S; Williams, MA
1-Dec-2009Conservative and reward-driven behavior selection in a commonsense reasoning frameworkJohnston, B; Williams, MA
1-Jan-2014Constructive models for contraction with intransitive plausibility indifferencePeppas, P; Williams, MA
Jan-2004Creativity, Music and Computers: Guidelines for Computer-Based Instrumental Music Support ToolsJohnston, AJ; Elliot, S; Williams, MA; Williams, S; Pollard, C