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2017-01-01Association of 3 different antihypertensive medications with hip and pelvic fracture risk in older adults secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trialPuttnam, R; Davis, BR; Pressel, SL; Whelton, PK; Cushman, WC; Louis, GT; Margolis, KL; Oparil, S; Williamson, J; Ghosh, A; Einhorn, PT; Barzilay, JI; Furberg, CD; Wright, JT; Cutler, JA; Alderman, M; Black, H; Grimm, R; Haywood, LJ; Leenen, F; Probstfield, J; Nwachuku, C; Gordon, D; Proschan, M; Ford, CE; Piller, LB; Dunn, K; Goff, D; Bettencourt, J; DeLeon, B; Simpson, LM; Blanton, J; Geraci, T; Walsh, SM; Nelson, C; Rahman, M; Juratovac, A; Pospisil, R; Carroll, L; Sullivan, S; Russo, J; Barone, G; Christian, R; Feldman, S; Lucente, T; Calhoun, D; Jenkins, K; McDowell, P; Johnson, J; Kingry, C; Alzate, J; Holland, LA; Jaeger, B; Ragusa, P; Williard, A; Ferguson, RLS; Tanner, J; Eckfeldt, J; Crow, R; Pelosi, J; Furberg, C; Wright, J; Cutler, J; Haywood, L
2020-08-03Coronavirus lockdowns set to hurt Australian nomad travellers the mostWilliamson, J; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N
2001-03-10ENCORE: The effect of nutrient enrichment on coral reefs. Synthesis of results and conclusionsKoop, K; Booth, D; Broadbent, A; Brodie, J; Bucher, D; Capone, D; Coll, J; Dennison, W; Erdmann, M; Harrison, P; Hoegh-Guldberg, O; Hutchings, P; Jones, GB; Larkum, AWD; O'Neil, J; Steven, A; Tentori, E; Ward, S; Williamson, J; Yellowlees, D
2020It’s all in the recipe: How to increase domestic leisure tourists’ experiential loyalty to local foodWilliamson, J; Hassanli, N
2020Local food matters: Targeting the Australian domestic marketHassanli, N; Williamson, J
2020Local food matters: Targeting the Australian domestic marketHassanli, N; Williamson, J
2022-12-20Mapping the Contributions of Leisure to Refugee Settlement in AustraliaHassanli, N; Williamson, J
-Minimizing the sustainability knowledge-practice gap through creating shared value: The case of small accommodation firmsHassanli, N; Williamson, J
-OzNomads: a case study examining the challenges of COVID-19 for a community of lifestyle travellersWilliamson, J; Hassanli, N; Grabowski, S
2021-09-01Reimagining the Visitor Economy EXPERT PANEL REPORTWilliamson, J; Hassanli, N
2022-01-01Sharing, caring, learning: Role of local food in domestic tripsWilliamson, J; Hassanli, N
2021Slow and Spatial: The OzNomadic LifestyleFaulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Williamson, J
2022-03-11Visitors and destination sustainability: Local food as a core ingredientHassanli, N; Williamson, J
-‘You feel you’re not alone’: how multicultural festivals foster social sustainability through multiple psychological sense of communityHassanli, N; Walters, T; Williamson, J