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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-02Cost Benefit Analysis of Increasing Water Efficiency Standards for Fixtures and AppliancesFane, S; Liu, A; Falletta, J; Butler, A; Wilmot, K
2022-09-01Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program – Final ReportPage, K; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kim, Y; Liu, D; Kenny, P; Van Gool, K; Viney, R
2022-04-22Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program: protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Campbell, M; Page, K; Longden, T; Kenny, P; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kelly, S; Kim, Y; Haywood, P; Mulhern, B; Goodall, S; van Gool, K; Viney, R; Cumming, T; Soeberg, M
2021-07-31H1 Opportunity Assessment: Residential Solar Pre-cooling Opportunity Assessment: Final report November 2021Wilmot, K; Wang, S; Rutowitz, J; Chen, D; white, S; Miller, W; Ma, Y; Susilawati, C; Arlinkasari, F; Heslop, S; McGill, I; Bruce, A; Lau, T; Bruno, F; Boland, J; Evans, M
2021-09-28H2 Fast Track: Pathways to Scale: Barriers, opportunities and impacts of retrofitting one million+ homesWilmot, K; Minunno, R; Fox-Reynolds, K; Vines, K
2019-09-12Health Impacts of Daylight in BuildingsWilmot, K; Thomas, L; McGee, C; Wynne, L; Berry, F; Ulas, E
2014-07-30HVAC&R Research Summit Brief ReportWilmot, K
2014-01Market Research: Tenancy Fitout Material Procurement Attitudes and PracticesWilmot, K; McGee, CM; Milne, GR
2023-08-07SIMPaCT Roadmap to scalabilityTovey, A; Wilmot, K; Phansalkar, A
2014-01-22Smart Work Centres: An Analysis of Demand in Western SydneyWilmot, K; Boyle, T; Rickwood, P; Sharpe, S
2022-01-24Strategies for Imputation of High-Resolution Environmental Data in Clinical Randomized Controlled Trials.Kim, Y; Kelly, S; Krishnan, D; Falletta, J; Wilmot, K