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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02-01Circularly Polarized Antenna with Reconfigurable Broadside and Conical Beams Facilitated by a Mode Switchable Feed NetworkLin, W; Wong, H; Ziolkowski, RW
2014-12-01Circularly polarized conical-beam antenna with wide bandwidth and low profileLin, W; Wong, H
2015-01-28Circularly-polarized conical-beam patch antenna with wide bandwidth and polarization diversityWong, H; Lin, W
2016-01-05Emerging reconfigurable antenna elements for broadband wireless communication systemsLin, W; Wong, H; Xiang, J
2017-11-19Influence of Underground Opening with Stiff Lining on Seismic Response of BuildingsHuang, B; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Leo, C; Wong, H
2017-12-19LP and CP polarization reconfigurable antennas for modern wireless applicationsWong, H; Lin, W; Wang, X; Lu, M
2022-01-01Millimeter-Wave Slot-Based Cavity Antennas with Flexibly-Chosen Linear PolarizationChen, SL; Wu, GB; Wong, H; Chen, BJ; Chan, CH; Jay Guo, Y
2017-06-01Multi-Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna for Wireless Biomedical SystemWong, H; Lin, W; Huitema, L; Arnaud, E
2017-01-01Multipolarization-Reconfigurable Circular Patch Antenna with L-Shaped ProbesLin, W; Wong, H
2018-01-01Pattern reconfigurable techniques for LP and CP antennas with the broadside and conical beamsLin, W; Ziolkowski, RW; Wong, H
2015-08-27Pattern reconfigurable wideband circularly-polarized quadrifilar helix with broadside and backfire radiation patternsLin, W; Wong, H
2016-01-01Polarization Reconfigurable Aperture-Fed Patch Antenna and ArrayLin, W; Wong, H
2016-10-25Polarization reconfigurable circular patch antenna with multiple L-probes for biomedical applicationLin, W; Wong, H
2015-11-09Polarization reconfigurable CP antenna with 3D meandering probe-fedWang, KX; Ji, Z; Lin, W; Wong, H
2022-09-21Polarization Reconfigurable Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna ArrayHu, J; Wong, H; Lin, W
2016-07-05Polarization reconfigurable multi-slot antenna for body-centric wireless communication systemLin, W; Wong, H
2015-02-01Polarization reconfigurable wheel-shaped antenna with conical-beam radiation patternLin, W; Wong, H
2019-04-01A polarizer integrated dielectric resonator antenna for polarization reconfigurabilityChen, Z; Wong, H; Liu, Y
2016-10-11A polariztion reconfigurable aperture-fed patch antenna arrayLin, W; Wong, H
2022-01-19Rational Control on Quantum Emitter Formation in Carbon-Doped Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Liu, H; Mendelson, N; Abidi, IH; Li, S; Liu, Z; Cai, Y; Zhang, K; You, J; Tamtaji, M; Wong, H; Ding, Y; Chen, G; Aharonovich, I; Luo, Z