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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01An advanced knowledge management and collaboration system in semantic web environment for construction organisationsWang, CC; Wang, Y; Yang, J; Shen Geoffrey, QP; Wong, J
2022-01-01Applications of electroencephalography in constructionSaedi, S; Fini, AAF; Khanzadi, M; Wong, J; Sheikhkhoshkar, M; Banaei, M
2021-08-25Co-designing a dashboard of predictive analytics and decision support to drive care quality and client outcomes in aged care: a mixed-method study protocolLudlow, K; Westbrook, J; Jorgensen, M; Lind, KE; Baysari, MT; Gray, LC; Day, RO; Ratcliffe, J; Lord, SR; Georgiou, A; Braithwaite, J; Raban, MZ; Close, J; Beattie, E; Zheng, WY; Debono, D; Nguyen, A; Siette, J; Seaman, K; Miao, M; Root, J; Roffe, D; O’Toole, L; Carrasco, M; Thompson, A; Shaikh, J; Wong, J; Stanton, C; Haddock, R
2010-01A Comparative Analysis of Australia's Sinking Fund Governance within a Strata SchemeAntoniades, H; Wang, Y; Yang, J; Shen, GQP; Wong, J
2018-01-01Competition rule of the multi-criteria approach: What contractors in China really want?Ye, K; Zeng, D; Wong, J
2016-10-13Identification of novel regulators of developmental hematopoiesis using Endoglin regulatory elements as molecular probesNasrallah, R; Fast, EM; Solaimani, P; Knezevic, K; Eliades, A; Patel, R; Thambyrajah, R; Unnikrishnan, A; Thoms, J; Beck, D; Vink, CS; Smith, A; Wong, J; Shepherd, M; Kent, D; Roychoudhuri, R; Paul, F; Klippert, J; Hammes, A; Willnow, T; Göttgens, B; Dzierzak, E; Zon, LI; Lacaud, G; Kouskoff, V; Pimanda, JE
2015-06-01Improving the Justice System: Victims of Crime WorkshopWatson, NR; Kaldor, L; Wong, J
-Insights from a Bibliometrics-Based Analysis of Publishing and Research Trends on Cerium Oxide from 1990 to 2020Fleming, CL; Wong, J; Golzan, M; Gunawan, C; McGrath, KC
2015-06-26Intensive Learning Centre building evaluationLulham, RA; Munro; Bradley, K; Tomkin, D; Wong, J; Kashyap, K
2015-02-16Learn to Work: Work to Learn ReportLulham, RA; Tomkin; Wong, J
2020-06-01MATERNAL CIGARETTE SMOKE-EXPOSURE AFFECTS SUSCEPTIBILITY TO RESPIRATORY VIRAL INFECTION IN OFFSPRINGGomez, H; Vanders, R; Donovan, C; Haw, JT; Budden, K; Balachandran, L; Nair, MP; Tu, X; Song, R; Kim, R; Starkey, M; Wong, J; Horvat, J; Hansbro, P
2018-10-01National Heart Foundation of Australia and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand: Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection, and Management of Heart Failure in Australia 2018Atherton, JJ; Sindone, A; De Pasquale, CG; Driscoll, A; MacDonald, PS; Hopper, I; Kistler, PM; Briffa, T; Wong, J; Abhayaratna, W; Thomas, L; Audehm, R; Newton, P; O'Loughlin, J; Branagan, M; Connell, C
2010-01A network theoretic perspective of decision processes in complex construction projectsJupp, JR; Wang, Y; Yang, J; Shen Geoffrey, QP; Wong, J
2011-01-01Prophylactic, therapeutic and immune enhancement effect of liposome-encapsulated PolyICLC on highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza infectionLi, Y; Hu, Y; Jin, Y; Zhang, G; Wong, J; Sun, LQ; Wang, M
2020-03-01The relationship between energy consumption and gross domestic product in Hong Kong (1992–2015): Evidence from sectoral analysis and implications on future energy policyZhang, R; Shen, GQP; Ni, M; Wong, J
2015-12-01Safe Places: Vehicle ManagementTomkin, D; Wong, J; Kaldor, L
2018-01-01Two-envelope system for consultant selection using Weighted Sum ModelOmar, MFB; Trigunarsyah, B; Wong, J