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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2019An analysis on the effectiveness and determinants of the wind power Feed-in-Tariff policy at China's national-level and regional-grid-levelZhang, RXX; Ni, M; Shen, GQP; Wong, JKW
23-Aug-2017Application of combined BIM and 3D point cloud on building deconstructionGe, XJ; Wong, JKW
1-Mar-2018Assessment of video-based e-learning in a construction measurement courseWong, JKW; Oladinrin, OT; Ho, CMF; Guilbert, E; Kam, RCY
1-Nov-2018Barriers to the integration of BIM and sustainability practices in construction projects: A Delphi survey of international expertsOlawumi, TO; Chan, DWM; Wong, JKW; Chan, APC
1-Mar-2018Conversion or redevelopment? Effects of revitalization of old industrial buildings on property valuesWadu Mesthrige, J; Wong, JKW; Yuk, LN
1-Aug-2018Digitisation in facilities management: A literature review and future research directionsWong, JKW; Ge, J; He, SX
17-Nov-2017Evolution in the intellectual structure of BIM research: a bibliometric analysisOlawumi, TO; Chan, DWM; Wong, JKW
1-Jan-2018Exploring the linkages between the adoption of bim and design error reductionWong, JKW; Zhou, JX; Chan, APC
7-May-2019Improvement of the inspection-repair process with building information modelling and image classificationZhan, J; Ge, XJ; Huang, S; Zhao, L; Wong, JKW; He, SXJ
16-Sep-2019Sensing and warning-based technology applications to improve occupational health and safety in the construction industry: A literature reviewAntwi-Afari, MF; Li, H; Wong, JKW; Oladinrin, OT; Ge, JX; Seo, JO; Wong, AYL
1-Jan-2017Technical requirements of age-friendly smart home technologies in high-rise residential buildings: A system intelligence analytical approachWong, JKW; Leung, J; Skitmore, M; Buys, L
1-Dec-2018Techno-economic feasibility of solar water heating system: Overview and meta-analysisZhang, R; Shen, GQP; Ni, M; Wong, JKW
1-Aug-2017Ten questions concerning thermal comfort and ageingvan Hoof, J; Schellen, L; Soebarto, V; Wong, JKW; Kazak, JK