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2023-04-03A novel transcriptional signature identifies T-cell infiltration in high-risk paediatric cancer.Mayoh, C; Gifford, AJ; Terry, R; Lau, LMS; Wong, M; Rao, P; Shai-Hee, T; Saletta, F; Khuong-Quang, D-A; Qin, V; Mateos, MK; Meyran, D; Miller, KE; Yuksel, A; Mould, EVA; Bowen-James, R; Govender, D; Senapati, A; Zhukova, N; Omer, N; Dholaria, H; Alvaro, F; Tapp, H; Diamond, Y; Pozza, LD; Moore, AS; Nicholls, W; Gottardo, NG; McCowage, G; Hansford, JR; Khaw, S-L; Wood, PJ; Catchpoole, D; Cottrell, CE; Mardis, ER; Marshall, GM; Tyrrell, V; Haber, M; Ziegler, DS; Vittorio, O; Trapani, JA; Cowley, MJ; Neeson, PJ; Ekert, PG
2020-10Combination therapy with the CDK7 inhibitor and the tyrosine kinase inhibitor exerts synergistic anticancer effects against MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma.Tee, AE; Ciampa, OC; Wong, M; Fletcher, JI; Kamili, A; Chen, J; Ho, N; Sun, Y; Carter, DR; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM; Liu, PY; Liu, T
2013-01HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Risks in Cambodia: Confronting Challenges and Policymaking through Research-Guided ActionsLubek, I; Kros, S; Wong, M; Lee, HA; Van Merode, T; Idema, R; Thamarangsi, T; Jakubowicz, AH; Tolson, M; McCreanor, T; Liu, JH; Smith, RA
2018-12-17Improving women's knowledge about prenatal screening in the era of non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome - development and acceptability of a low literacy decision aid.Smith, SK; Cai, A; Wong, M; Sousa, MS; Peate, M; Welsh, A; Meiser, B; Kaur, R; Halliday, J; Lewis, S; Trevena, L; Yanes, T; Barlow-Stewart, K; Barclay, M
2021-03Targeted Therapy of <i>TERT</i>-Rearranged Neuroblastoma with BET Bromodomain Inhibitor and Proteasome Inhibitor Combination Therapy.Chen, J; Nelson, C; Wong, M; Tee, AE; Liu, PY; La, T; Fletcher, JI; Kamili, A; Mayoh, C; Bartenhagen, C; Trahair, TN; Xu, N; Jayatilleke, N; Wong, M; Peng, H; Atmadibrata, B; Cheung, BB; Lan, Q; Bryan, TM; Mestdagh, P; Vandesompele, J; Combaret, V; Boeva, V; Wang, JY; Janoueix-Lerosey, I; Cowley, MJ; MacKenzie, KL; Dolnikov, A; Li, J; Polly, P; Marshall, GM; Reddel, RR; Norris, MD; Haber, M; Fischer, M; Zhang, XD; Pickett, HA; Liu, T
2017-05-01The Histone Methyltransferase DOT1L Promotes Neuroblastoma by Regulating Gene Transcription.Wong, M; Tee, AEL; Milazzo, G; Bell, JL; Poulos, RC; Atmadibrata, B; Sun, Y; Jing, D; Ho, N; Ling, D; Liu, PY; Zhang, XD; Hüttelmaier, S; Wong, JWH; Wang, J; Polly, P; Perini, G; Scarlett, CJ; Liu, T
2019-11-05The long noncoding RNA lncNB1 promotes tumorigenesis by interacting with ribosomal protein RPL35.Liu, PY; Tee, AE; Milazzo, G; Hannan, KM; Maag, J; Mondal, S; Atmadibrata, B; Bartonicek, N; Peng, H; Ho, N; Mayoh, C; Ciaccio, R; Sun, Y; Henderson, MJ; Gao, J; Everaert, C; Hulme, AJ; Wong, M; Lan, Q; Cheung, BB; Shi, L; Wang, JY; Simon, T; Fischer, M; Zhang, XD; Marshall, GM; Norris, MD; Haber, M; Vandesompele, J; Li, J; Mestdagh, P; Hannan, RD; Dinger, ME; Perini, G; Liu, T
2016-10-01Transgenerational plasticity of reproduction depends on rate of warming across generationsDonelson, JM; Wong, M; Booth, DJ; Munday, PL
2021-04-24Use of a mindfulness application to promote students' mental well-being during COVID-19-era.Rath, A; Wong, M; Wong, N; Brockman, R