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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-06Codesigning patient experience measures for and with children and young people with intellectual disability: a study protocol.Mimmo, L; Woolfenden, S; Travaglia, J; Strnadov√°, I; Phillips, MTAK; van Hoek, MAD; Harrison, R
2015-01-01Developmental vulnerability - don't investigate without a model in mindWoolfenden, S; Williams, K; Eapen, V; Mensah, F; Hayen, A; Siddiqi, A; Kemp, L
2022-07Healing journeys: experiences of young Aboriginal people in an urban Australian therapeutic community drug and alcohol program.Hill, B; Williams, M; Woolfenden, S; Martin, B; Palmer, K; Nathan, S
2022Inequities in quality and safety outcomes for hospitalized children with intellectual disability.Mimmo, L; Harrison, R; Travaglia, J; Hu, N; Woolfenden, S
2017-08-24Overall prognosis of preschool autism spectrum disorder diagnosesBrignell, A; Albein-Urios, N; Woolfenden, S; Hayen, A; Iorio, A; Williams, K
2019-12-01Partnerships for safe care: A meta-narrative of the experience for the parent of a child with Intellectual Disability in hospitalMimmo, L; Woolfenden, S; Travaglia, J; Harrison, R
2016-09-01Prevalence and factors associated with parental concerns about development detected by the Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) at 6-month, 12-month and 18-month well-child checks in a birth cohortWoolfenden, S; Eapen, V; Jalaludin, B; Hayen, A; Kemp, L; Dissanyake, C; Hendry, A; Axelsson, E; Overs, B; Eastwood, J; Crncec, R; McKenzie, A; Beasley, D; Murphy, E; Williams, K
2022-09'Smiles and laughter and all those really great things': Nurses' perceptions of good experiences of care for inpatient children and young people with intellectual disability.Mimmo, L; Hodgins, M; Samir, N; Travaglia, J; Woolfenden, S; Harrison, R
2014-09-13A systematic review of the prevalence of parental concerns measured by the Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS) indicating developmental riskWoolfenden, S; Eapen, V; Williams, K; Hayen, A; Spencer, N; Kemp, L