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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Biomarkers for detecting resilience against mycobacterial disease in animalsWright, K; Plain, K; Purdie, A; Saunders, BM; De Silva, K
2019-07-01Commentary on: Bright et al. (2018) Internal validation of STRmix™ – a multi laboratory response to PCAST, Forensic Science International: Genetics, 34: 11–24McNevin, D; Wright, K; Chaseling, J; Barash, M
2010-01Continuity of care with a primary care physician and mortality in older adultsWolinsky, F; Liu, L; Bentler, S; Geweke, J; Cook, E; Obrizan, M; Chrischilles, E; Wright, K; Jones, M; Rosenthal, G; Ohsfeldt, R; Wallace, R
2019-10-21Data Journalism beyond Majority World Countries: Challenges and OpportunitiesWright, K; Zamith, R; Bebawi, S
2008-01Emergency department utilization patterns among older adultsWolinsky, F; Liu, L; Miller, T; An, H; Geweke, J; Kaskie, B; Wright, K; Chrischilles, E; Pavlik, C; Cook, E; Ohsfeldt, R; Richardson, K; Rosenthal, G; Wallace, R
2020-12-26Measuring psychosocial outcomes of men living with prostate cancer: feasibility of regular assessment of patient-reported outcomes.Ettridge, K; Wright, K; Smith, D; Chambers, S; Corsini, N; Evans, S; Moretti, K; Roder, D; Scuffham, P; Miller, C
2021-04-07Mycobacterial infection-induced miR-206 inhibits protective neutrophil recruitment via the CXCL12/CXCR4 signalling axisWright, K; de Silva, K; Plain, KM; Purdie, AC; Blair, TA; Duggin, IG; Britton, WJ; Oehlers, SH
2019Research Trajectories in African Digital SpheresMutsvairo, B; Wright, K
2013-07-03The role of nurses in medicine administration errors.Wright, K