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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-01A study of pressure characteristics of methane explosion in a 20 m buried tunnel and influence on structural behaviour of concrete elementsMeng, Q; Wu, C; Li, J; Wu, P; Xu, S; Wang, Z
2019-01-01Assessing China's agricultural water use efficiency in a green-blue water perspective: A study based on data envelopment analysisGeng, Q; Ren, Q; Nolan, RH; Wu, P; Yu, Q
2021-08-01Calibration of CSCM model for numerical modeling of UHPCFTWST columns against monotonic lateral loadingXu, S; Wu, P; Liu, Z; Wu, C
2023-05-01Effects of bond-slip on flexural behavior of reinforced nano-material modified UHPC beams: Experimental and numerical investigationXu, S; Yang, T; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Wu, C
2016-07-01Effects of steel fibres on dynamic strength of UHPCSu, Y; Li, J; Wu, C; Wu, P; Li, ZX
2022-08-22Experimental and numerical investigation of bond behavior between geopolymer based ultra-high-performance concrete and steel barsYang, T; Xu, S; Liu, Z; Li, J; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wu, C
2021-08-09Experimental investigation of triaxial strength of ultra-high performance concrete after exposure to elevated temperatureXu, Z; Li, J; Wu, P; Wu, C
2023-09-08Experimental study of mechanical properties of G-UHPC against sodium sulfate attack at elevated temperatureXu, S; Zheng, M; Yuan, P; Wu, P; Shao, R; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Wu, C
2022-02-01Impact response of ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete filled square double-skin steel tubular columnsLi, J; Wang, W; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Wu, P
2017-09-15Influence of Steel Fibre on Dynamic Compressive Properties of Ultra-High Performance ConcreteWu, P; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Zhang, H; Xu, S; Su, Y
2016-04-15Influences of nano-particles on dynamic strength of ultra-high performance concreteSu, Y; Li, J; Wu, C; Wu, P; Li, ZX
2019-01-01Integer programming modeling on group decision making with incomplete hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relationsWu, P; Li, H; Merigo, JM; Zhou, L
2019-03-15Investigation of shear performance of UHPC by direct shear testsWu, P; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Hao, H
2023-04-15Mechanical behaviour and environmental benefit of eco-friendly steel fibre-reinforced dry UHPC incorporating high-volume fly ash and crumb rubberShao, R; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z; Wu, P; Yang, Y
2017-02-15Mesoscale study of steel fibre-reinforced ultra-high performance concrete under static and dynamic loadsSu, Y; Li, J; Wu, C; Wu, P; Tao, M; Li, X
2020Polymeric carbon nitride modified polyacrylonitrile fabrics with efficient self-cleaning and water disinfection under visible lightYuan, M; Teng, Z; Wang, S; Xu, Y; Wu, P; Zhu, Y; Wang, C; Wang, G
2020-06-20Steel fibre reinforced alkali-activated geopolymer concrete slabs subjected to natural gas explosion in buried utility tunnelMeng, Q; Wu, C; Hao, H; Li, J; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wang, Z
2020-10-01Steel/basalt rebar reinforced Ultra-High Performance Concrete components against methane-air explosion loadsMeng, Q; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wang, Z
2010Study on fuzzy neural network-based ship autopilotWu, Y; Xue, M; Wu, P; NA
2020-01-01Synthesis of Multibeam Sparse Circular-Arc Antenna Arrays Employing Refined Extended Alternating Convex OptimizationLiu, Y; Yang, Y; Wu, P; Ma, X; Li, M; Xu, KD; Guo, YJ