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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Beyond hand hygiene: A qualitative study of the everyday work of preventing cross-contamination on Hospital wardsHor, SY; Hooker, C; Iedema, R; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL; Jorm, C; O'Sullivan, MVN
2023-11Developing a process for safe donning and doffing of the CleanSpace® BioHood when caring for patients with viral haemorrhagic fever: A Video-Reflexive simulation study at the NSW Biocontainment CentreWyer, M; Hor, S-Y; Barratt, R; Ferguson, PE; Dempsey, K; Sasko, L; Gilbert, GL
2020Enablers of, and barriers to, optimal glove and mask use for routine care in the emergency department: an ethnographic study of Australian cliniciansBarratt, R; Gilbert, GL; Shaban, RZ; Wyer, M; Hor, SY
2021-10-08Entanglements of affect, space, and evidence in pandemic healthcare: An analysis of Australian healthcare workers' experiences of COVID-19.Williams Veazey, L; Broom, A; Kenny, K; Degeling, C; Hor, S; Broom, J; Wyer, M; Burns, P; Gilbert, GL
2021-12-10Experiences of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic amongst Australian Healthcare workers: From stressors to protective factors.Broom, J; Veazey, LW; Broom, A; Hor, S; Degeling, C; Burns, P; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL
2022-09-23Exploring healthcare workers' perspectives of video feedback for training in the use of powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.Wyer, M; Barratt, R; Hor, S-Y; Ferguson, PE; Gilbert, GL
2015-01-01Involving patients in understanding hospital infection control using visual methodsWyer, M; Jackson, D; Iedema, R; Hor, SY; Gilbert, GL; Jorm, C; Hooker, C; O'Sullivan, MVN; Carroll, K
2022-09-19'Like building a plane and flying it all in one go': an interview study of infection prevention and control in Australian general practice during the first 2 years of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.Hor, S-Y; Burns, P; Yong, FR; Barratt, R; Degeling, C; Williams Veazey, L; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL
2022-11-14“Like building a plane and flying it all in one go”: applying the hierarchy of controls in Australian general practices during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.Burns, P; Yong, F; Barratt, R; Degeling, C; Williams Veazey, L; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL; Hor, S-Y
2021-11-23"One minute it's an airborne virus, then it's a droplet virus, and then it's like nobody really knows…": Experiences of pandemic PPE amongst Australian healthcare workers.Broom, J; Broom, A; Williams Veazey, L; Burns, P; Degeling, C; Hor, S; Barratt, R; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL
2022-12Paradoxes of pandemic infection control: Proximity, pace and care within and beyond SARS-CoV-2.Williams Veazey, L; Broom, A; Kenny, K; Degeling, C; Wyer, M; Hor, S; Broom, J; Burns, P; Gilbert, GL
2017-01-01Patient involvement can affect clinicians’ perspectives and practices of infection prevention and control: A “post-qualitative” study using video-reflexive ethnographyWyer, M; Iedema, R; Hor, SY; Jorm, C; Hooker, C; Gilbert, GL
2023-01-16Research as care: practice-based knowledge translation as transformative learning through video-reflexive ethnography.Hor, S-Y; Dadich, A; Gionfriddo, MR; Noble, C; Wyer, M; Mesman, J
2021-11-01Strengthening bio-preparedness for managing patients with suspected high consequence infectious disease (HCID) using simulation and video-reflexive methodsWyer, M; Hor, S-Y; Barratt, R; Ferguson, P; Shaban, R; Varshney, K; Gilbert, L
2020-03-01To follow a rule? On frontline clinicians’ understandings and embodiments of hospital-acquired infection prevention and control rulesIedema, R; Jorm, C; Hooker, C; Hor, SY; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL
2020-05-05Trajectories of hospital infection control: Using non-representational theory to understand and improve infection prevention and control.Hooker, C; Hor, S; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL; Jorm, C; Iedema, R