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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-01An efficient multitask neural network for face alignment, head pose estimation and face trackingXia, J; Zhang, H; Wen, S; Yang, S; Xu, M
2020-02-01Cause analysis for a new type of devastating flash floodHou, J; Li, B; Tong, Y; Ma, L; Ball, J; Luo, H; Liang, Q; Xia, J
2008-11-30Climate, agricultural production and hydrological balance in the North China PlainWang, E; Yu, Q; Wu, D; Xia, J
2022-01-01Efficient Federated Learning for AIoT Applications Using Knowledge DistillationLiu, T; Xia, J; Ling, Z; Fu, X; Yu, S; Chen, M
2008-10-01Estimation of soil water content and evapotranspiration from irrigated cropland on the North China PlainJiang, J; Zhang, Y; Wegehenkel, M; Yu, Q; Xia, J
2018-08-01Free ammonia-based sludge treatment reduces sludge production in the wastewater treatment processYang, G; Xu, Q; Wang, D; Tang, L; Xia, J; Wang, Q; Zeng, G; Yang, Q; Li, X
2021-01-01Fusion-Based Feature Attention Gate Component for Vehicle Detection Based on Event CameraCao, H; Chen, G; Xia, J; Zhuang, G; Knoll, A
2020-02Interaction between perfluorooctanoic acid and aerobic granular sludge.Yang, G; Zhang, N; Yang, J; Fu, Q; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Tang, L; Xia, J; Liu, X; Li, X; Yang, Q; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Ni, B-J
2018-07-01Joint structural and physiological control on the interannual variation in productivity in a temperate grassland: A data-model comparisonHu, Z; Shi, H; Cheng, K; Wang, YP; Piao, S; Li, Y; Zhang, L; Xia, J; Zhou, L; Yuan, W; Running, S; Li, L; Hao, Y; He, N; Yu, Q; Yu, G
2023-01-01Learning Graph Representations Through Learning and Propagating Edge FeaturesZhang, H; Xia, J; Zhang, G; Xu, M
2012-02-14Recognition of key regions for restoration of phytoplankton communities in the Huai River basin, ChinaZhao, C; Liu, C; Xia, J; Zhang, Y; Yu, Q; Eamus, D
2023Robust Face Alignment via Inherent Relation Learning and Uncertainty EstimationXia, J; Xu, M; Zhang, H; Zhang, J; Huang, W; Cao, H; Wen, S
2020-12-01Self-supporting topology optimization method for selective laser meltingWang, Y; Xia, J; Luo, Z; Yan, H; Sun, J; Lü, E
2021-11-13Single-View 3D Object Reconstruction from Shape Priors in MemoryYang, S; Xu, M; Xie, H; Perry, S; Xia, J
2022-01-01Sparse Local Patch Transformer for Robust Face Alignment and Landmarks Inherent Relation LearningXia, J; Qu, W; Huang, W; Zhang, J; Wang, X; Xu, M
2021-03-01Spatial distribution, sources and risk assessment of perfluoroalkyl substances in surface soils of a representative densely urbanized and industrialized city of ChinaTang, L; Liu, X; Yang, G; Xia, J; Zhang, N; Wang, D; Deng, H; Mao, M; Li, X; Ni, BJ
2021-12-15Tailored thin film nanocomposite membrane incorporated with Noria for simultaneously overcoming the permeability-selectivity trade-off and the membrane fouling in nanofiltration processYang, Z; Li, L; Jiang, C; Zhao, N; Zhang, S; Guo, Y; Chen, Y; Xue, S; Ji, C; Zhao, S; Gonzales, RR; Matsuyama, H; Xia, J; Niu, QJ
2022-04-01VAVM: A Flexible Technique for Variable-Angle Around View Monitor System Towards Articulated Engineering VehicleLi, W; Cao, L; Yue, P; Wen, S; Liao, J; Xia, J; Feng, X
2013-09-01Zooplankton in highly regulated rivers: Changing with water environmentZhao, C; Liu, C; Zhao, J; Xia, J; Yu, Q; Eamus, D