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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-01A machine learning approach for predicting human shortest path task performanceCai, S; Hong, SH; Xia, X; Liu, T; Huang, W
2016-09-23Atomically thin lateral p-n junction photodetector with large effective detection areaXu, ZQ; Zhang, Y; Wang, Z; Shen, Y; Huang, W; Xia, X; Yu, W; Xue, Y; Sun, L; Zheng, C; Lu, Y; Liao, L; Bao, Q
2016-12-01Coordinated two-stage volt/var management in distribution networksMokgonyana, L; Zhang, J; Zhang, L; Xia, X
2021-06-01Friction observer-based hybrid controller for a seat suspension with semi-active electromagnetic damperXia, X; Zheng, M; Liu, P; Zhang, N; Ning, D; Du, H
2014-10-31From Film Studies to Interaction Design—An Emergent Aesthetics ViewBiloria, N; Xia, X; Hommel, B; Scarinzi, A
2022-01-01Objects in Semantic TopologyYang, S; Sun, P; Jiang, Y; Xia, X; Zhang, R; Yuan, Z; Wang, C; Luo, P; Xu, M
2021-07-01On quasi-static behaviors of different joint methods for connecting carbon fiber reinforce plastic (CFRP) laminate and aluminum alloySun, G; Xia, X; Liu, X; Luo, Q; Li, Q
2022-07-06On-Device Next-Item Recommendation with Self-Supervised Knowledge DistillationXia, X; Yin, H; Yu, J; Wang, Q; Xu, G; Nguyen, QVH
2015-06-23Synthesis and Transfer of Large-Area Monolayer WS<inf>2</inf> Crystals: Moving Toward the Recyclable Use of Sapphire SubstratesXu, ZQ; Zhang, Y; Lin, S; Zheng, C; Zhong, YL; Xia, X; Li, Z; Sophia, PJ; Fuhrer, MS; Cheng, YB; Bao, Q
2019-11-01Torque response characteristics of a controllable electromagnetic damper for seat suspension vibration controlLiu, P; Xia, X; Zhang, N; Ning, D; Zheng, M