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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-15Application of an adaptive tuned vibration absorber on a dual lay-shaft dual clutch transmission powertrain for vibration reductionGao, P; Walker, PD; Liu, H; Zhou, S; Xiang, C
2018-12-01Beyond Bilinear: Generalized Multimodal Factorized High-Order Pooling for Visual Question AnsweringYu, Z; Yu, J; Xiang, C; Fan, J; Tao, D
2019-08-01Cnnloc: Deep-learning based indoor localization with wifi fingerprintingSong, X; Fan, X; He, X; Xiang, C; Ye, Q; Huang, X; Fang, G; Chen, LL; Qin, J; Wang, Z
2018-07-27CTOM: Collaborative task offloading mechanism for mobile cloudlet networksFan, X; He, X; Puthal, D; Chen, S; Xiang, C; Nanda, P; Rao, X
2019-10-01Design of the frequency tuning scheme for a semi-active vibration absorberGao, P; Xiang, C; Liu, H; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2022-01-01Device-free near-field human sensing using WiFi signalsGong, L; Xiang, C; Fan, X; Wu, T; Chen, C; Yu, M; Yang, W
2020-10-01Edge computing-empowered large-scale traffic data recovery leveraging low-rank theoryXiang, C; Zhang, Z; Qu, Y; Lu, D; Fan, X; Yang, P
2021-07-01Fisher information-empowered sensing quality quantification for crowdsensing networksXiang, C; Fan, X; Chen, C; Gong, L; Guo, S
2019A Novel Convolutional Neural Network Based Indoor Localization Framework With WiFi FingerprintingSong, X; Fan, X; Xiang, C; Ye, Q; Liu, L; Wang, Z; He, X; Yang, N; Fang, G
2018-06-26Quantifying sensing quality of crowd sensing networks with confidence intervalXiang, C; Yang, P; Fan, X; Gong, L
2017-07-25Taming the big to small: efficient selfish task allocation in mobile crowdsourcing systemsLi, Q; Yang, P; Fan, X; Tang, S; Xiang, C; Guo, D; Li, F
2018-08-28Towards System Implementation and Data Analysis for Crowdsensing Based Outdoor RSS MapsFan, X; He, X; Xiang, C; Puthal, D; Gong, L; Nanda, P; Fang, G
2019-05-17Urbanedge: Deep learning empowered edge computing for urban IoT time series predictionFan, X; Xiang, C; Gong, L; He, X; Chen, C; Huang, X
2019-01-01Vibration reduction performance parameters matching for adaptive tunable vibration absorberGao, P; Xiang, C; Liu, H; Walker, P; Zhou, H