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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07-01Behaviour of ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete columns subjected to blast loadingXu, J; Wu, C; Xiang, H; Su, Y; Li, ZX; Fang, Q; Hao, H; Liu, Z; Zhang, Y; Li, J
2017-09-01Calculating e-flow using UAV and ground monitoringZhao, CS; Zhang, CB; Yang, ST; Liu, CM; Xiang, H; Sun, Y; Yang, ZY; Zhang, Y; Yu, XY; Shao, NF; Yu, Q
2021-01-01Effects and prediction of nonpoint source pollution on the structure of aquatic food websZhao, CS; Pan, X; Yang, ST; Xiang, H; Zhao, J; Gan, XJ; Ding, SY; Yu, Q
2023-01-15Experimental and numerical study of steel wire mesh reinforced G-HPC slab protected by UHMWPE FRC under multiple blast loadingsYuan, P; Xiang, H; Xu, S; Liu, J; Su, Y; Qu, K; Wu, C
2016-07-01Experimental study of CFDST columns infilled with UHPC under close-range blast loadingZhang, F; Wu, C; Zhao, XL; Xiang, H; Li, ZX; Fang, Q; Liu, Z; Zhang, Y; Heidarpour, A; Packer, JA
2017-03-01Experimental study of large-sized concrete filled steel tube columns under blast loadWang, H; Wu, C; Zhang, F; Fang, Q; Xiang, H; Li, P; Li, Z; Zhou, Y; Zhang, Y; Li, J
2023-03Frequency Energy Ratio Cell Based Operational Security Domain Analysis of Planetary GearboxLi, D; Zhang, M; Kang, T; Ma, Y; Xiang, H; Yu, S; Wang, K
2018-01-01Identifying the principal driving factors of water ecosystem dependence and the corresponding indicator species in a pilot City, ChinaZhao, CS; Shao, NF; Yang, ST; Xiang, H; Lou, HZ; Sun, Y; Yang, ZY; Zhang, Y; Yu, XY; Zhang, CB; Yu, Q
2019-04-15Impact of spatial variations in water quality and hydrological factors on the food-web structure in urban aquatic environmentsZhao, CS; Yang, Y; Yang, ST; Xiang, H; Wang, F; Chen, X; Zhang, HM; Yu, Q
2015-04-01Linking hydrologic, physical and chemical habitat environments for the potential assessment of fish community rehabilitation in a developing cityZhao, CS; Yang, ST; Liu, CM; Dou, TW; Yang, ZL; Yang, ZY; Liu, XL; Xiang, H; Nie, SY; Zhang, JL; Mitrovic, SM; Yu, Q; Lim, RP
2019-03-15Predicting future river health in a minimally influenced mountainous area under climate changeZhao, CS; Yang, Y; Yang, ST; Xiang, H; Zhang, Y; Wang, ZY; Chen, X; Mitrovic, SM
2017-09-07Privacy-Preserving Distributed Service Recommendation Based on Locality-Sensitive HashingQi, L; Xiang, H; Dou, W; Yang, C; Qin, Y; Zhang, X
2018-05-01Quantifying effects of hydrological and water quality disturbances on fish with food-web modelingZhao, C; Zhang, Y; Yang, S; Xiang, H; Sun, Y; Yang, Z; Yu, Q; Lim, RP
2020-01-01Standards for environmental flow verificationZhao, CS; Pan, X; Yang, ST; Xiang, H; Zhao, J; Gan, XJ; Ding, SY; Yu, Q; Yang, Y
2016-07-06Ultrathin Li4Ti5O12 Nanosheets as Anode Materials for Lithium and Sodium Storage.Feng, X; Zou, H; Xiang, H; Guo, X; Zhou, T; Wu, Y; Xu, W; Yan, P; Wang, C; Zhang, J-G; Yu, Y