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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-07Affective Content-aware Adaptation Scheme on QoE Optimization of Adaptive Streaming over HTTPHu, S; Xu, M; Zhang, H; Xiao, C; Gui, C
2016-06-05Antibacterial efficacy of functionalized silk fabrics by radical copolymerization with quaternary ammonium saltsLiu, Y; Xiao, C; Li, X; Li, L; Ren, X; Liang, J; Huang, TS
2018-05-01Compact Substrate-Integrated 4 × 8 Butler Matrix with Sidelobe Suppression for Millimeter-Wave Multibeam ApplicationLian, JW; Ban, YL; Xiao, C; Yu, ZF
2019-06-01Delay Guarantee and Effective Capacity of Downlink NOMA Fading ChannelsXiao, C; Zeng, J; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Su, X; Wang, J
2022-12-03Does a Compromise on Fairness Exist in Using AI Models?Zhou, J; Li, Z; Xiao, C; Chen, F
2019-04-01Downlink MIMO-NOMA for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency CommunicationsXiao, C; Zeng, J; Ni, W; Su, X; Liu, RP; Lv, T; Wang, J
2021-12-01Dynamic Power Allocation for Uplink NOMA with Statistical Delay QoS GuaranteeZeng, J; Xiao, C; Li, Z; Ni, W; Liu, RP
2009-12-04Efficient approximate entity extraction with edit distance constraintsWang, W; Xiao, C; Lin, X; Zhang, C
-Examination of community sentiment dynamics due to covid-19 pandemic: a case study from AustraliaZhou, J; Yang, S; Xiao, C; Chen, F
2021-04-09Examination of Community Sentiment Dynamics due to COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study from a State in AustraliaZhou, J; Yang, S; Xiao, C; Chen, F
2021-08-14High-Dimensional Similarity Query Processing for Data ScienceQin, J; Wang, W; Xiao, C; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y
2023-12Leveraging twitter data to understand nurses' emotion dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic.Zhou, J; Sheppard-Law, S; Xiao, C; Smith, J; Lamb, A; Axisa, C; Chen, F
2022-07-30Optimizing graph layout by t-SNE perplexity estimationXiao, C; Hong, S; Huang, W
2020-08Similarity query processing for high-dimensional dataQin, J; Wang, W; Xiao, C; Zhang, Y
2018-04-01SIW Folded Cassegrain Lens for Millimeter-Wave Multibeam ApplicationLian, JW; Ban, YL; Chen, Z; Fu, B; Xiao, C
2017-04-01Soil conditioning for EPB shield tunneling in argillaceous siltstone with high content of clay minerals: Case studyYe, X; Wang, S; Yang, J; Sheng, D; Xiao, C
2016-08-19Topology-aware illumination design for volume renderingZhou, J; Wang, X; Cui, H; Gong, P; Miao, X; Miao, Y; Xiao, C; Chen, F; Feng, D
2020-12-31Usage and Effect of Eye Tracking in Remote GuidanceHuang, W; Xiao, C; Billinghurst, M