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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-01A Fuzzy Interval Time-Series Energy and Financial Forecasting Model Using Network-Based Multiple Time-Frequency Spaces and the Induced-Ordered Weighted Averaging Aggregation OperationLiu, G; Xiao, F; Lin, CT; Cao, Z
2021-09-01A fuzzy preference-based Dempster-Shafer evidence theory for decision fusionZhu, C; Qin, B; Xiao, F; Cao, Z; Pandey, HM
2020-07-01A generalized belief interval-valued soft set with applications in decision makingCheng, C; Cao, Z; Xiao, F
2020A Generalized Golden Rule Representative Value for Multiple-Criteria Decision AnalysisLiu, Z; Xiao, F; Lin, C-T; Kang, BH; Cao, Z
2021-01-01A Novel Conflict Measurement in Decision-Making and Its Application in Fault DiagnosisXiao, F; Cao, Z; Jolfaei, A
2017-09-01A see-through-wall system for device-free human motion sensing based on battery-free RFIDWang, Z; Xiao, F; Ye, N; Wang, R; Yang, P
2021-10-01Approaching a high-rate and sustainable production of hydrogen peroxide: Oxygen reduction on Co-N-C single-atom electrocatalysts in simulated seawaterZhao, Q; Wang, Y; Lai, WH; Xiao, F; Lyu, Y; Liao, C; Shao, M
2019-09-01Circulating miR-99b-5p as a novel predictor of erosion progression on high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography in early rheumatoid arthritis: A prospective cohort studyYue, J; Lau, TCK; Griffith, JF; Xu, J; Xiao, F; Shi, L; Wang, D; Wong, PCH; Li, EK; Tam, LP; Li, M; Li, TK; Mak, WY; Hung, V; Qin, L; Tam, L-S
2019-01-01Computer Vision-assisted 3D Object Localization via COTS RFID Devices and a Monocular CameraWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Xiao, F; Ruchuan, WN; Huang, H
2016-03-11Controllable synthesis of few-layered and hierarchically porous boron nitride nanosheets.Xiao, F; Chen, Z; Casillas, G; Richardson, C; Li, H; Huang, Z
2021-03-01Editorial on Special Issue: “Applications of Intelligent and Fuzzy Theory in Data Science”Xiao, F; Aritsugi, M; Abawajy, JH; Cao, Z; Al-Hmouz, R; Liu, P
2021-11-01Efficient Virtual Network Embedding of Cloud-Based Data Center Networks into Optical NetworksFan, W; Xiao, F; Chen, X; Cui, L; Yu, S
2017-10-06Fast voltage detection method for grid-tied renewable energy generation systems under distorted grid voltage conditionsXiao, F; Dong, L; Li, L; Liao, X
2017-03-01A Frequency-Fixed SOGI-Based PLL for Single-Phase Grid-Connected ConvertersXiao, F; Dong, L; Li, L; Liao, X
2019-01-01A New Distance for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Based on Similarity MatrixCheng, C; Xiao, F; Cao, Z
2021Non-Line-of-Sight Localization of Passive UHF RFID Tags in Smart Storage SystemsGui, L; Xu, S; Xiao, F; Shu, F; Yu, S
2017-09-01A Novel Open-Loop Frequency Estimation Method for Single-Phase Grid Synchronization under Distorted ConditionsXiao, F; Dong, L; Li, L; Liao, X
2018-02-01One more tag enables fine-grained RFID localization and trackingXiao, F; Wang, Z; Ye, N; Wang, R; Li, XY
2020-10-11Performance analysis of indoor localization based on channel state information ranging modelGui, L; Xiao, F; Zhou, Y; Shu, F; Yu, S
2021-07-01Recognizing 3D Orientation of a Two-RFID-Tag Labeled Object in Multipath Environments Using Deep Transfer LearningWang, Z; Xu, M; Xiao, F