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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-06Achieving High-Performance 3D K+ -Pre-intercalated Ti3 C2 Tx MXene for Potassium-Ion Hybrid Capacitors via Regulating Electrolyte Solvation Structure.Zhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Song, F; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Zhang, N; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G
2021-09-29Achieving High‐Performance 3D K+‐Pre‐intercalated Ti3C2Tx MXene for Potassium‐Ion Hybrid Capacitors via Regulating Electrolyte Solvation StructureZhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, X; Guo, Z; Song, F; Li, G; Chen, C; Xie, X; Zhang, N; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G
2020-03An Inherent Property-Based Rumor Dissemination Model in Online Social NetworksCui, L; Xie, G; Yu, S; Zhai, X; Gao, L
2015-01-01Comparison of variations detection between whole-genome amplification methods used in single-cell resequencingHou, Y; Wu, K; Shi, X; Li, F; Song, L; Wu, H; Dean, M; Li, G; Tsang, S; Jiang, R; Zhang, X; Li, B; Liu, G; Bedekar, N; Lu, N; Xie, G; Liang, H; Chang, L; Wang, T; Chen, J; Li, Y; Yang, H; Xu, X; Wang, L; Wang, J
2019-01-01Enhancement of productivity of Chlorella pyrenoidosa lipids for biodiesel using co-culture with ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in municipal wastewaterZhou, X; Jin, W; Wang, Q; Guo, S; Tu, R; Han, SF; Chen, C; Xie, G; Qu, F
2020-07Exploiting Web Images for Multi-Output Classification: From Category to Subcategories.Yao, Y; Shen, F; Xie, G; Liu, L; Zhu, F; Zhang, J; Shen, HT
2019-03-29Fusion linear representation-based classificationLiu, Z; Xie, G; Zhang, L; Pu, J
2022-05-13High-efficiency cathode potassium compensation and interfacial stability improvement enabled by dipotassium squarate for potassium-ion batteriesZhao, S; Liu, Z; Xie, G; Guo, Z; Wang, S; Zhou, J; Xie, X; Sun, B; Guo, S; Wang, G
2019-03-01Improving Data Utility Through Game Theory in Personalized Differential PrivacyCui, L; Qu, Y; Nosouhi, MR; Yu, S; Niu, JW; Xie, G
2024-01-15Modeling and Analyzing the Spatial-Temporal Propagation of Malware in Mobile Wearable IoT NetworksDou, J; Xie, G; Tian, Z; Cui, L; Yu, S
2020-12-01Modelling melamine biodegradation in a membrane aerated biofilm reactorXu, Y; Peng, L; Liu, Y; Xie, G; Song, S; Ni, BJ
2023-12-01Personalized Federated Learning for Heterogeneous Residential Load ForecastingQu, X; Guan, C; Xie, G; Tian, Z; Sood, K; Sun, C; Cui, L
2022-01-10PrefaceUddin, F; Lavorante, MJ; Popa-Simil, L; Xie, G; Mucha, J; Dong, J; Ho, LN; Albayrak, O; Gomaa, M; Mahdipour, SA; Abd El-Mohaymen Taha, T; Leong, C; Gan,; Nacer, R; Nurdin, I; Mazilu, T; Ong, HC; Tariq, GH; Quesada, DE; Adiguzel, O; Majewska, K; Jung, DW; Yap, TC; Mateev, V; Tin, HHK; Reda,; Boutagouga, D; Khitab, A; Mimoune, S; Kassmi, K; Dumitriu, M; Macioszek, E; Chi, W; Zahari, NM; Kisielewicz, T; M-Ridha, MJ; Yu, T; Buonomenna, MG; Liu, W; Chen, C; Schwingenschlögl, UE; Wang, HE; Dobrotă, D; Ramos, J; Memon, I; Khalil, RA; Woroniak, G; Issaadi, W; Tsai, CT; Aissaoui, AG; Doroftei, C; Iyer, VG; Lin, YS; Čubrić, IS; Kyzioł, K; Shakir, RR; Marko, O; Akyol, A; Ileana, PC; Dastjerdi, R
2022-05-01Security and Privacy-Enhanced Federated Learning for Anomaly Detection in IoT InfrastructuresCui, L; Qu, Y; Xie, G; Zeng, D; Li, R; Shen, S; Yu, S
2021-01-01Semantically Meaningful Class Prototype Learning for One-Shot Image SegmentationChen, T; Xie, G; Yao, Y; Wang, Q; Shen, F; Tang, Z; Zhang, J
2012-11-26Study on microstructure and friction of bimetal 1.5Cr4.8ni with cast iron and low carbon steelZhang, Q; Jiang, ZY; Xie, G; Wei, DB; Han, JT
2018-07-27A trust-grained personalized privacy-preserving scheme for big social dataCui, L; Qu, Y; Yu, S; Gao, L; Xie, G