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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A Blockchain-based and Privacy-Protected Method for Sharing of BIM Big DataWang, H; Hao, X; Yin, L; Gong, P; Xiong, F; Ren, W
2022-01-01Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Graphs via TransformerLiu, Y; Pan, S; Wang, YG; Xiong, F; Wang, L; Chen, Q; Lee, VC
2021-01-04Bayesian personalized ranking based on multiple-layer neighborhoodsHu, Y; Xiong, F; Pan, S; Xiong, X; Wang, L; Chen, H
2019-01-01CaACBIM: A context-aware access control model for BIMZheng, R; Jiang, J; Hao, X; Ren, W; Xiong, F; Zhu, T
2018-01-01Cost-sensitive Parallel Learning Framework for Insurance Intelligence OperationJiang, X; Pan, S; Long, G; Xiong, F; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
2017-10-01Crashworthiness design of a steel–aluminum hybrid rail using multi-response objective-oriented sequential optimizationFang, J; Qiu, N; An, X; Xiong, F; Sun, G; Li, Q
2017-08-24Diffusion-based recommendation with trust relations on tripartite graphsWang, X; Liu, Y; Zhang, G; Xiong, F; Lu, J
2020-05-01Distributed Feature Selection for Big Data Using Fuzzy Rough SetsKong, L; Qu, W; Yu, J; Zuo, H; Chen, G; Xiong, F; Pan, S; Lin, S; Qiu, M
2019-01-01Identify Topic Relations in Scientific Literature Using Topic ModelingChen, H; Wang, X; Pan, S; Xiong, F
2021Influence Spread in Geo-Social Networks: A Multiobjective Optimization Perspective.Wang, L; Yu, Z; Xiong, F; Yang, D; Pan, S; Yan, Z
2020-01-01Mining Heterogeneous Influence and Indirect Trust for RecommendationLi, Z; Xiong, F; Wang, X; Guan, Z; Chen, H
2018-07-24Social Recommendation With Evolutionary Opinion DynamicsXiong, F; Wang, X; Pan, S; Yang, H; Wang, H; Zhang, C
2019-02-10Topological Influence-Aware Recommendation on Social NetworksLi, Z; Xiong, F; Wang, X; Chen, H; Xiong, X
2019-05-01TruGRC: Trust-Aware Group Recommendation with Virtual CoordinatorsWang, X; Liu, Y; Lu, J; Xiong, F; Zhang, G