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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-09A potential role for zinc in restless legs syndrome.Chen, P; Bornhorst, J; Patton, S; Bagai, K; Nitin, R; Miah, M; Hare, DJ; Kysenius, K; Crouch, PJ; Xiong, L; Rouleau, GA; Schwerdtle, T; Connor, J; Aschner, M; Bowman, AB; Walters, AS
2020-01-01An Elastic Gradient Boosting Decision Tree for Concept Drift LearningWang, K; Liu, A; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xiong, L
2009-12-01Distributed strategies for minimum-latency cooperative retransmission in wireless networksXiong, L; Libman, L; Mao, G
2022-06-28Elastic gradient boosting decision tree with adaptive iterations for concept drift adaptationWang, K; Lu, J; Liu, A; Song, Y; Xiong, L; Zhang, G
2021-06-16Environmental design strategies to decrease the risk of nosocomial infection in medical buildings using a hybrid MCDM modelXiong, L; Sheng, G; Fan, Z-M; Yang, H; Hwang, FJ; Zhu, B-W
2022-10-06Evolving Gradient Boost: A Pruning Scheme Based on Loss Improvement Ratio for Learning Under Concept Drift.Wang, K; Lu, J; Liu, A; Zhang, G; Xiong, L
2018-10-10A Framework of Transferring Structures Across Large-scale Information NetworksXue, S; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xiong, L
2017-01-01Graph-theoretic node importance mining in world city networks: methods and applicationsXue, S; Xiong, L; Lu, Z; Wu, J
2016-01-13Heterogeneous feature space based task selection machine for unsupervised transfer learningXue, S; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xiong, L
2016-10-31Multi-instance graphical transfer clustering for traffic data learningXue, S; Lu, J; Wu, J; Zhang, G; Xiong, L
2015-12-30Multi-source macro data process based on the idea of sample=overall in big data: An Applicability Study on Influence Factors to Smart CityXiong, L; Xue, S; Yang, S; Han, C
2016-07-02A novel method for smoothing raw GPS data with low cost and high reliabilityZhou, X; Li, C; Yuan, X; Xia, B; Mao, G; Xiong, L
2009-12-01On cooperative communication in ad-hoc networks: The case for uncoordinated location-aware retransmission strategiesXiong, L; Libman, L; Mao, G
2008-12-01On the maximum throughput of a single chain wireless multi-hop pathMao, G; Xiong, L; Ta, X
2008-09-18Optimal strategies for cooperative MAC-layer retransmission in wireless networksXiong, L; Libman, L; Mao, G
2007-09-01Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF with data rate switchingXiong, L; Mao, G
2007-08-08Saturated throughput analysis of IEEE 802.11e EDCAXiong, L; Mao, G
2006-12-01Saturated throughput analysis of IEEE 802.11e using two-dimensional Markov chain modelXiong, L; Mao, G
2015-01-01Seir immune strategy for instance weighted naive bayes classificationXue, S; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xiong, L
2016-04-01A self-adaptive multi-view framework for multi-source information service in cloud ITSXue, S; Xiong, L; Yang, S; Zhao, L