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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12-26Block transform OFDM: A robust power and bandwidth efficient system with improved frequency diversity performanceXue, X; Huang, X
2011-12-01Cross-domain collaborative filtering over timeLi, B; Zhu, X; Li, R; Zhang, C; Xue, X; Wu, X
2021-09Game theory–based bilevel model for multiplayer pavement maintenance managementJi, A; Xue, X; Ha, QP; Luo, X; Zhang, M
-Groupwise Constrained Reconstruction for Subspace ClusteringLi, R; Li, B; Zhang, K; Jin, C; Xue, X
2005-08-01InsightVideo: Toward hierarchical video content organization for efficient browsing, summarization and retrievalZhu, X; Elmagarmid, AK; Xue, X; Wu, L; Catlin, AC
2012-06-01Inverse matrix-free incremental proximal support vector machineZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Guo, Y; Ye, Y; Xue, X
2017-12-25Multi-scale Deep Learning Architectures for Person Re-identificationFu, Y; Qian, X; Jiang, Y-G; Xiang, T; Xue, X
2017-01-01Multi-view correlated feature learning by uncovering shared componentXue, X; Nie, F; Wang, S; Chang, X; Stantic, B; Yao, M
2018-08-01A multiview learning framework with a linear computational costXue, X; Nie, F; Li, Z; Wang, S; Li, X; Yao, M
2010-06-01Normalized dimensionality reduction using nonnegative matrix factorizationZhu, Z; Guo, YF; Zhu, X; Xue, X
2012-12-19Parallel proximal support vector machine for high-dimensional pattern classificationZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Ye, Y; Guo, YF; Xue, X
2022-09-01Relay Hybrid Precoding in UAV-Assisted Wideband Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO SystemMir, T; Waqas, M; Tu, S; Fang, C; Ni, W; MacKenzie, R; Xue, X; Han, Z
2011-11-02Tracking user-preference varying speed in collaborative filteringLi, R; Li, B; Jin, C; Xue, X; Zhu, X
2011-12-13Transfer active learningZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Ye, Y; Guo, YF; Xue, X
2010-12-01Transfer incremental learning for pattern classificationZhu, Z; Zhu, X; Guo, YF; Xue, X