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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-01A PHP and JSP web shell detection system with text processing based on machine learningZhang, H; Liu, M; Yue, Z; Xue, Z; Shi, Y; He, X
2021-06-01A Resource-Constrained and Privacy-Preserving Edge-Computing-Enabled Clinical Decision System: A Federated Reinforcement Learning ApproachXue, Z; Zhou, P; Xu, Z; Wang, X; Xie, Y; Ding, X; Wen, S
2021A unified host-based intrusion detection framework using spark in cloudLiu, M; Xue, Z; He, X
2019-05-01Cyberthreat-Intelligence Information Sharing: Enhancing Collaborative SecurityLiu, M; Xue, Z; He, X; Chen, J
2018-01-01Energy-efficient deployment of edge dataenters for mobile clouds in sustainable iotMishra, SK; Puthal, D; Sahoo, B; Sharma, S; Xue, Z; Zomaya, AY
2018-01-01Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Scheduling Algorithm for Real-Time Tasks in Cloud-Based 5G NetworksGuo, P; Liu, M; Wu, J; Xue, Z; He, X
2024-02Firms' GVC positioning and corporate environmental performance: Micro evidence from ChinaCheng, J; Yu, Z; Xue, Z; Yang, Y; Shi, X
2019-01-01Host-based intrusion detection system with system calls: Review and future trendsLiu, M; Xue, Z; Xu, X; Zhong, C; Chen, J
2019-11-01MultiScan: A Private Online Virus Detection SystemLiu, M; He, Y; Xue, Z; He, X; Chen, J
2020-01-01Rtvd: A real-time volumetric detection scheme for ddos in the internet of thingsLi, J; Liu, M; Xue, Z; Fan, X; He, X
2016-10-01Suspension Force Modeling for a Bearingless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Maxwell Stress Tensor MethodSun, X; Xue, Z; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Yang, Z; Chen, L; Chen, J
2019-09-01The item response theory model for an ai-based adaptive learning systemCui, W; Xue, Z; Shen, J; Sun, G; Li, J
2021Two-tier Intrusion Detection Framework for Embedded SystemsLiu, M; Xue, Z; He, X
2016-08-15An ultra-low bandgap diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP)-based polymer with balanced ambipolar charge transport for organic field-effect transistorsJiang, T; Xue, Z; Ford, M; Shaw, J; Cao, X; Tao, Y; Hu, Y; Huang, W