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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Novel Unsupervised Feature Selection Approach Using Genetic Algorithm on Partitioned DataSaxena, A; Chugh, D; Mittal, H; Sajid, M; Chauhan, R; Yafi, E; Cao, J; Prasad, M
2021-01-01A Systematic Review of Human-Computer Interaction and Explainable Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence TechniquesNazar, M; Alam, MM; Yafi, E; Su'Ud, MM
2022-01-01Applicability of classifier to discovery knowledge for future prediction modellingChauhan, R; Yafi, E
2022-01-01Artificial Intelligence an Influential Review: Pandemic ScenarioChauhan, R; Sengupta, A; Yafi, E; Lee, S; Choo, H; Ismail, R
2021-02-22ARTYCUL: A Privacy-Preserving ML-Driven Framework to Determine the Popularity of a Cultural Exhibit on Display.Tanwar, G; Chauhan, R; Yafi, E
2023-01-01Augmentation of Densest Subgraph Finding Unsupervised Feature Selection Using Shared Nearest Neighbor ClusteringChugh, D; Mittal, H; Saxena, A; Chauhan, R; Yafi, E; Prasad, M
2021-03-17Big Data Analytics for Prediction Modelling in Healthcare DatabasesChauhan, R; Yafi, E; Lee, S; Choo, H; Ismail, R
2019-06-01Does ICT based network competence mediate strategic competency’s impact on smes’ competitve advantage? An empirical evidence from malaysian manufacturing smesTehseen, S; Yafi, E; Sajilan, S; Ur Rehman, H; Butt, SM
2019-06-06Email is evil!: Behavioural responses towards permission-based direct email marketing and gender differencesMahmoud, AB; Grigoriou, N; Fuxman, L; Hack-Polay, D; Mahmoud, FB; Yafi, E; Tehseen, S
2019-01-01Impact of facebook usage on firm’s performances among malaysian Chinese retailersSajilan, S; Tehseen, S; Yafi, E; Ting, X
2021-05-02Impact of green training on environmental performance through mediating role of competencies and motivationYafi, E; Tehseen, S; Haider, SA
2021-04-25Investigating Master-Slave Architecture for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network.Jan, S; Yafi, E; Hafeez, A; Khatana, HW; Hussain, S; Akhtar, R; Wadud, Z
2021-03-03Middle Eastern reflections on forced migration, solidarity, and HCI researchTalhouk, R; Yafi, E
2022-01-01Smart Cities with Recognizance in Air QualityChuahan, R; Gola, N; Yafi, E; Farez, M; Prasad, M
2022Technology Application in the Asian Tourism Industry: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Smart City InvolvementTehseen, S; Yafi, E; Qureshi, ZH; Rather, RA
2018-01-01The Best, the Worst, and the Hardest to Find: How People, Mobiles, and Social Media Connect Migrants In(to) EuropeBorkert, M; Fisher, KE; Yafi, E
2019-04-01Total Quality Management Boosters and Blockers in a Humanitarian Setting: An Exploratory InvestigationMahmoud, AB; Alatrash, M; Fuxman, L; Meero, AA; Yafi, E