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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-01A novel spun photonic crystal fibre with amoeba shapeLuo, Y; Yan, B; Canning, J; Tafti, G; Wang, S; Wang, W; Tian, Y; Cook, K; Dhasarathan, V; Peng, GD
2018-09-01Adaptive decomposition-based evolutionary approach for multiobjective sparse reconstructionYan, B; Zhao, Q; Wang, Z; Zhang, JA
2019Adaptive Sorting-based Evolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective OptimizationLiu, C; Zhao, Q; Yan, B; Elsayed, S; Ray, T; Sarker, R
2014-07-01Bird flu outbreak prediction via satellite trackingZhou, Y; Tang, M; Pan, W; Li, J; Wang, W; Shao, J; Wu, L; Yang, Q; Yan, B
2022-12-01Challenges in environmental science and engineeringShon, HK; Jegatheesan, V; Phuntsho, S; Fujiwara, T; Woo, Y; Yan, B
2019-01-01Convergence acceleration for multiobjective sparse reconstruction via knowledge transferYan, B; Zhao, Q; Zhang, JA; Li, Y; Wang, Z
2021-02-18Does managerial ability affect disclosure? Evidence from earnings press releasesYan, B; Arslan-Ayaydin, Ö; Thewissen, J; Torsin, W
2011-05-01Exploring the wild birds' migration data for the disease spread study of H5N1: A clustering and association approachTang, M; Zhou, Y; Li, J; Wang, W; Cui, P; Hou, Y; Luo, Z; Lei, F; Yan, B
2022-12-01Fitness landscape analysis and niching genetic approach for hybrid beamforming in RIS-aided communicationsYan, B; Zhao, Q; Li, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, JA; Yao, X
2022-06-20Gridless Evolutionary Approach for Line Spectral Estimation With Unknown Model Order.Yan, B; Zhao, Q; Zhang, J; Zhang, JA; Yao, X
2018-10-10LSTM-based Flight Trajectory PredictionShi, Z; Xu, M; Pan, Q; Yan, B; Zhang, H
2020-01-01Multi-Objective Sparse Reconstruction With Transfer Learning and Localized RegularizationYan, B; Zhao, Q; Zhang, JA; Wang, Z
2021-12-01Multiobjective bilevel evolutionary approach for off-grid direction-of-arrival estimationYan, B; Zhao, Q; Zhang, J; Zhang, JA; Yao, X
2013-12-01Recent development of new active optical fibres for broadband photonic applicationsPeng, GD; Luo, Y; Zhang, J; Wen, J; Yan, B; Canning, J
2020-01-01The analyses of dynamic response and reliability for failure-dependent stochastic micro-resonator with thermoelastic coupling effectsYan, B; Ma, J; Wu, D; Wriggers, P