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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01An integrated classification model for incremental learning.Hu, J; Yan, C; Liu, X; Li, Z; Ren, C; Zhang, J; Peng, D; Yang, Y
2013-01-21Antibiotics in the surface water of the Yangtze Estuary: Occurrence, distribution and risk assessmentYan, C; Yang, Y; Zhou, J; Liu, M; Nie, M; Shi, H; Gu, L
2019-08-27Asymptotic Soft Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.He, Y; Dong, X; Kang, G; Fu, Y; Yan, C; Yang, Y
2020Asymptotic Soft Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.He, Y; Dong, X; Kang, G; Fu, Y; Yan, C; Yang, Y
2020Cascaded Revision Network for Novel Object CaptioningFeng, Q; Wu, Y; Fan, H; Yan, C; Xu, M; Yang, Y
2023-01-01Counterfactual Generation Framework for Few-Shot LearningDang, Z; Luo, M; Jia, C; Yan, C; Chang, X; Zheng, Q
2019-09-01Discrete Multi-Graph ClusteringLuo, M; Yan, C; Zheng, Q; Chang, X; Chen, L; Nie, F
2022-01-01Each Part Matters: Local Patterns Facilitate Cross-view Geo-localizationWang, T; Zheng, Z; Yan, C; Zhang, J; Sun, Y; Zhenga, B; Yang, Y
2019-11-01Improving person re-identification by attribute and identity learningLin, Y; Zheng, L; Zheng, Z; Wu, Y; Hu, Z; Yan, C; Yang, Y
2018-12-01A low-complexity energy-minimization-based SCMA detector and its convergence analysisYuan, W; Wu, N; Yan, C; Li, Y; Huang, X; Hanzo, L
2020-12-27Memory transformation networks for weakly supervised visual classificationLiu, H; Zheng, Q; Luo, M; Chang, X; Yan, C; Yao, L
2021-01-29Networking State of Ytterbium Ions Probing the Origin of Luminescence Quenching and Activation in NanocrystalsMei, S; Zhou, J; Sun, H; Cai, Y; Sun, L; Jin, D; Yan, C
2014-06-15Occurrence and distribution of antibiotics in the surface sediments of the Yangtze Estuary and nearby coastal areas.Shi, H; Yang, Y; Liu, M; Yan, C; Yue, H; Zhou, J
2015-05Occurrence, distribution and risk assessment of estrogens in surface water, suspended particulate matter, and sediments of the Yangtze Estuary.Nie, M; Yan, C; Dong, W; Liu, M; Zhou, J; Yang, Y
2019-07-01Online learning to rank in a listwise approach for information retrievalMa, F; Yang, H; Yin, H; Huang, X; Yan, C; Meng, X
2021-09-14Pillar[5]arene-based “Three-components” Supramolecular Assembly and the Performance of Nitrobenzene-based Explosive Fluorescence SensingChong, H; Xu, Y; Han, Y; Yan, C; Su, D; Wang, C
2012-12-01Porting a process-based crop model to a high-performance computing environment for plant simulationZhao, G; Song, X; Yan, C; Yu, Q
2021-01-01Real-world automatic makeup via identity preservation makeup netHuang, Z; Zheng, Z; Yan, C; Xie, H; Sun, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, J
2021-06-23Rich Embedding Features for One-Shot Semantic Segmentation.Zhang, X; Wei, Y; Li, Z; Yan, C; Yang, Y
2018-02-01Robust dictionary learning with graph regularization for unsupervised person re-identificationYan, C; Luo, M; Liu, W; Zheng, Q