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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01-01The 20-Kilometer University: Knowledge as InfrastructurePhillips, J; Benjamin, A; Bishop, R; Shiqiao, L; Lorenz, E; Xiaodu, L; Yan, M
2018-01-02Free Ammonia Pretreatment Improves Degradation of Secondary Sludge during Aerobic DigestionWang, Q; Wei, W; Liu, S; Yan, M; Song, K; Mai, J; Sun, J; Ni, BJ; Gong, Y
2022-10-01Insights into N2O turnovers under polyethylene terephthalate microplastics stress in mainstream biological nitrogen removal process.He, Y; Liu, Y; Yan, M; Zhao, T; Liu, Y; Zhu, T; Ni, B-J
2017-11-15Modeling forest above-ground biomass dynamics using multi-source data and incorporated models: A case study over the qilian mountainsTian, X; Yan, M; van der Tol, C; Li, Z; Su, Z; Chen, E; Li, X; Li, L; Wang, X; Pan, X; Gao, L; Han, Z
2015-12-01Simulation of forest evapotranspiration using time-series parameterization of the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) over the Qilian MountainsTian, X; van der Tol, C; Su, Z; Li, Z; Chen, E; Li, X; Yan, M; Chen, X; Wang, X; Pan, X; Ling, F; Li, C; Fan, W; Li, L
2020-07The role of 44-methylgambierone in ciguatera fish poisoning: Acute toxicity, production by marine microalgae and its potential as a biomarker for Gambierdiscus spp.Murray, JS; Nishimura, T; Finch, SC; Rhodes, LL; Puddick, J; Harwood, DT; Larsson, ME; Doblin, MA; Leung, P; Yan, M; Rise, F; Wilkins, AL; Prinsep, MR
2007-06-01Z-transform-based FDTD analysis of perfectly conducting cylinder covered with unmagnetized plasmaYan, M; Shao, KR; Hu, XW; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lavers, JD