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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2012Adaptive synchronization of chaotic systems with unknown parameters via new backstepping strategyLi, SY; Yang, CH; Lin, CT; Ko, LW; Chiu, TT
1-Mar-2015The anisotropic energy spectrum dependence of the optical conductivity in bilayer grapheneYang, CH; Ao, ZM; Li, QF; Jiang, JJ
2-Apr-2013Chaotic motions in the real fuzzy electronic circuitsLi, SY; Yang, CH; Lin, CT; Ko, LW; Chiu, TT
30-Aug-2013Cosimulation environment for event-driven distributed controls of smart gridYang, CH; Zhabelova, G; Yang, CW; Vyatkin, V
12-Jun-2018Dependence of the optical conductivity on the uniaxial and biaxial strains in black phosphoreneYang, CH; Zhang, JY; Wang, GX; Zhang, C
1-Sep-2016The dependence of the tunneling characteristic on the electronic energy bands and the carrier's states of Graphene superlatticeYang, CH; Shen, GZ; Ao, ZM; Xu, YW
1-Jan-2016Design of a Third-party Reverse Logistics Network under a Carbon Tax SchemeYang, CH; Chen, DT; Huang, ZL; Liu, HB
28-Dec-2017Enhanced and one-way absorptance of LiNiO<inf>2</inf> thin films in one-dimensional photonic crystalsYang, CH; Zhang, C; Ao, ZM; Wang, GX
10-Feb-2013Fuzzy adaptive synchronization of time-reversed chaotic systems via a new adaptive control strategyLi, SY; Yang, CH; Chen, SA; Ko, LW; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2015Hydrogenation of silicene with tensile strainsWu, WC; Ao, ZM; Yang, CH; Li, S; Wang, GX; Li, CM; Li, S
29-Apr-2013Implementation on electronic circuits and RTR pragmatical adaptive synchronization: Time-reversed uncertain dynamical systems' analysis and applicationsLi, SY; Yang, CH; Ko, LW; Lin, CT; Ge, ZM
1-Jan-2015Key feature-based approach for efficient exploration of structured environmentsPaul, G; Quin, P; Yang, CH; Liu, D
15-Jan-2015The longitudinal optical conductivity in bilayer graphene and other two-dimensional systemsYang, CH; Ao, ZM; Wei, XF; Jiang, JJ
1-Mar-2014Model-Driven Development of Control Software for Distributed Automation: A Survey and an ApproachYang, CH; Vyatkin, V; Pang, C
1-Feb-2016The optical conductivity in double and three layer graphene systemsYang, CH; Chen, YY; Jiang, JJ; Ao, ZM
1-Dec-2012Transformation of Simulink models to IEC 61499 Function Blocks for verification of distributed control systemsYang, CH; Vyatkin, V
7-Oct-2017The tuned absorptance in multilayer graphene-dielectric structures by intraband transitionYang, CH; Wang, GX; Zhang, C; Ao, ZM