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2021-07Add-on azithromycin reduces sputum cytokines in non-eosinophilic asthma: an AMAZES substudy.Shukla, SD; Taylor, SL; Gibson, PG; Barker, D; Upham, JW; Yang, IA; Reynolds, PN; Hodge, S; James, AL; Rogers, GB; Simpson, JL
2019-10-01COPD and the gut-lung axis: the therapeutic potential of fibreVaughan, A; Frazer, ZA; Hansbro, PM; Yang, IA
2021-09E-cigarettes induce toxicity comparable to tobacco cigarettes in airway epithelium from patients with COPD.O'Farrell, HE; Brown, R; Brown, Z; Milijevic, B; Ristovski, ZD; Bowman, RV; Fong, KM; Vaughan, A; Yang, IA
2019-12-01Euler-Lagrange Prediction of Diesel-Exhaust Polydisperse Particle Transport and Deposition in Lung: Anatomy and Turbulence EffectsIslam, MS; Saha, SC; Gemci, T; Yang, IA; Sauret, E; Ristovski, Z; Gu, YT
2020-08-06Impact of diet and the bacterial microbiome on the mucous barrier and immune disorders.Alemao, CA; Budden, KF; Gomez, HM; Rehman, SF; Marshall, JE; Shukla, SD; Donovan, C; Forster, SC; Yang, IA; Keely, S; Mann, ER; El Omar, EM; Belz, GT; Hansbro, PM
2019-10Nutritional support in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): an evidence update.Collins, PF; Yang, IA; Chang, Y-C; Vaughan, A
2017-01-01Oxidative potential of gas phase combustion emissions - An underestimated and potentially harmful component of air pollution from combustion processesStevanovic, S; Vaughan, A; Hedayat, F; Salimi, F; Rahman, MM; Zare, A; Brown, RA; Brown, RJ; Wang, H; Zhang, Z; Wang, X; Bottle, SE; Yang, IA; Ristovski, ZD
2018-12-01Polydisperse Microparticle Transport and Deposition to the Terminal Bronchioles in a Heterogeneous Vasculature TreeIslam, MS; Saha, SC; Gemci, T; Yang, IA; Sauret, E; Gu, YT
2019-06Primary human bronchial epithelial cell responses to diesel and biodiesel emissions at an air-liquid interface.Vaughan, A; Stevanovic, S; Jafari, M; Bowman, RV; Fong, KM; Ristovski, ZD; Yang, IA
2012-01-01Respiratory health effects of diesel particulate matterRistovski, ZD; Miljevic, B; Surawski, NC; Morawska, L; Fong, KM; Goh, F; Yang, IA
2019-05-31Spirometry for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease due to inhalation of smoke from indoor fires used for cooking and heatingShaw, JG; Vaughan, A; Smith, E; Fong, C; Stevanovic, S; Yang, IA
2019-09The cytotoxic, inflammatory and oxidative potential of coconut oil-substituted diesel emissions on bronchial epithelial cells at an air-liquid interface.Vaughan, A; Stevanovic, S; Banks, APW; Zare, A; Rahman, MM; Bowman, RV; Fong, KM; Ristovski, ZD; Yang, IA
2019-03The effect of diesel emission exposure on primary human bronchial epithelial cells from a COPD cohort: N-acetylcysteine as a potential protective intervention.Vaughan, A; Stevanovic, S; Jafari, M; Rahman, M; Bowman, RV; Fong, KM; Ristovski, Z; Yang, IA
2020The role of microbiome and NLRP3 inflammasome in the gut and the lungDonovan, C; Liu, G; Shen, S; Marshall, J; Kim, R; Alamao, CA; Budden, KF; Choi, JP; Kohonen-Corish, M; El-Omar, EM; Yang, IA; Hansbro, P
2017-11-07Ultrafine particle transport and deposition in a large scale 17-generation lung modelIslam, MS; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Gemci, T; Yang, IA; Gu, YT