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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Accumulated plastic strain behavior of granite residual soil under traffic loadingYin, S; Liu, P; Kong, L; Zhang, X; Qi, Y; Huang, J
2021-12-01Analysis of event stratigraphy and hydrological reconstruction of low-frequency flooding: A case study on the Fenhe River, ChinaLi, Y; Huang, C; Ngo, HH; Yin, S; Dong, Z; Zhang, Y; Chen, Y; Lu, Y; Guo, W
2018-04-15An arbitrary polynomial chaos expansion approach for response analysis of acoustic systems with epistemic uncertaintyYin, S; Yu, D; Luo, Z; Xia, B
2012-07-19Challenges for the accurate simulation of anisotropic charge mobilities through organic molecular crystals: The β phase of mer-tris(8- hydroxyquinolinato)aluminum(III) (Alq3) crystalYin, S; Li, L; Yang, Y; Reimers, JR
2019-06-01Complex near-grazing dynamics in impact oscillatorsYin, S; Ji, J; Wen, G
2019-07-01Degenerate grazing bifurcations in a three-degree-of-freedom impact oscillatorYin, S; Ji, J; Deng, S; Wen, G
2018-11-14Energy flow in the Photosystem I supercomplex: Comparison of approximative theories with DM-HEOMKramer, T; Noack, M; Reimers, JR; Reinefeld, A; Rodríguez, M; Yin, S
2020-08-01Fatigue life analysis of double-row tapered roller bearing in a modern wind turbine under oscillating external load and speedZheng, J; Ji, J; Yin, S; Tong, VC
2007-01Hybrid Metallic Nanoparticles For Excitation Of Surface Plasmon ResonanceZhu, S; Luo, X; Du, C; Li, F; Yin, S; Deng, Q; Fu, Y
2020-01-01Internal loads and contact pressure distributions on the main shaft bearing in a modern gearless wind turbineZheng, J; Ji, J; Yin, S; Tong, VC
2017-07-13Multi-view latent space learning based on local discriminant embeddingZhao, Y; You, X; Wei, Y; Yin, S; Tao, D; Cheung, YM
2019-11-01Multistability in the Centrifugal Governor System under a Time-Delay Control StrategyDeng, S; Ji, J; Yin, S; Wen, G
2018-11-01Neimark-sacker bifurcations near degenerate grazing point in a two degree-of-freedom impact oscillatorYin, S; Ji, J; Deng, S; Wen, G
2020-04-01Novel two-parameter dynamics of impact oscillators near degenerate grazing pointsYin, S; Wen, G; Ji, J; Xu, H
2018-07-01Unified polynomial expansion for interval and random response analysis of uncertain structure–acoustic system with arbitrary probability distributionYin, S; Yu, D; Luo, Z; Xia, B
2019-01-01Use of degeneration to stabilize near grazing periodic motion in impact oscillatorsYin, S; Ji, J; Wen, G; Wu, X