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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The 2006 CSRC Guidelines for Articles of Association of Chinese Listed Companies: Critiquing from an Australian PerspectiveLau, A; Young, A
2005Adventures in Pedagogy: The Trials and Tribulations of Teaching Common Law in ChinaBlay, S; Young, A; Li, X
2015-06-01The Chinese "Oppression" remedy: Creative interpretations of company law by Chinese courtsHawes, C; Lau, AKL; Young, A
2003-08-01Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among elderly Australian women who have cancerSibbritt, D; Adams, J; Easthope, G; Young, A
2004-01Computing Theory with RelevanceBrookes, WC; Lister, R; Young, A
2019-01-01The DAO of CSR: Towards a holistic Chinese theory of corporate social responsibilityHawes, C; Young, A
2002-01Design for a Culturally Affirming Indigenous Computer Literacy CourseDyson, LE; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T
2002-01Designing Learning Activities for Learning ObjectsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T
2015-01-01Lifting the corporate veil in China: Statutory vagueness, shareholder ignorance and case precedents in a civil law systemHawes, C; Lau, AKL; Young, A
2010-06-01Phenotypic diversity in patients with multiple serrated polyps: A genetics clinic studyBuchanan, DD; Sweet, K; Drini, M; Jenkins, MA; Win, AK; Gattas, M; Walsh, MD; Clendenning, M; McKeone, D; Walters, R; Roberts, A; Young, A; Hampel, H; Hopper, JL; Goldblatt, J; George, J; Suthers, GK; Phillips, K; Young, GP; Chow, E; Parry, S; Woodall, S; Tucker, K; Muir, A; Field, M; Greening, S; Gallinger, S; Green, J; Woods, MO; Spaetgens, R; De La Chapelle, A; MacRae, F; Walker, NI; Jass, JR; Young, JP
2006-01Re-imagining Milirrpum v Nabalco in Werner Herzog's Where the Green Ants DreamHurley, AW; Kenyon, AT; Rush, PD; Young, A
2021-02-25Self-Medication with Antibiotics for Protection against COVID-19: The Role of Psychological Distress, Knowledge of, and Experiences with Antibiotics.Zhang, A; Hobman, EV; De Barro, P; Young, A; Carter, DJ; Byrne, M
2002-01Sim Assessment: enhancing academics under-standing of assessment through computer simulationAlexander, SA; Kandlbinder, PA; Howson, E; Lukito, L; Francois, A; Housego, SC; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T