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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Adventures in Pedagogy: The Trials and Tribulations of Teaching Common Law in ChinaBlay, S; Young, AL; Li, G
2010-01The Aftermath of the Lehman Brothers Collapse in Hong Kong: The Saga, Regulatory Deficiencies, and Government ResponsesYoung, AL; Li, G; chu, T
2007-01Capital Access of Nonprofit OrganisationsLyons, MJ; North-Samardzic, A; Young, AL
2008-01Competition Laws and Policies in China and Hong Kong: A Tale of Two Regulatory JourneysLi, G; Young, AL
2007-01Corporate Governance in China: the Role of the state and ideology in shaping reformsYoung, AL; Li, G; Lau, AK
2023-04Effect of Myopic Undercorrection on Habitual Reading Distance in Schoolchildren: The Hong Kong Children Eye Study.Tang, SM; Zhang, XJ; Wang, YM; Zhang, Y; Wong, LM; Chan, H-N; Zhang, BN; Chu, WK; Kam, KW; Young, AL; Tham, CC; Chen, LJ; French, AN; Rose, KA; Pang, CP; Yam, JC
2017-01-01Grandparents of children with cancer: Quality of life, medication and hospitalizationsWakefield, CE; Fardell, JE; Doolan, EL; Drew, D; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Young, AL; Cohn, RJ
2011-01In the interest of minority shareholders in Hong Kong: case study on the privatisation of PCCW via a scheme of arrangement (part 1)Young, AL; Li, G; Chu, T
2020-05-23Independent Influence of Parental Myopia on Childhood Myopia in a Dose-related Manner in 2055 Trios: The Hong Kong Children Eye Study.Tang, SM; Kam, KW; French, AN; Yu, M; Chen, LJ; Young, AL; Rose, KA; Tham, CCY; Pang, CP; Yam, JC
2005-01Regulatory Multiplicities in Telecommunications Reforms in Indonesia and ChinaYoung, AL; Rahaju, S; Li, G
2007-01Rethinking Corporate Governance and Law in China: The Theories, rules and PracticesLau, AK; Young, AL; Li, G
2004-01Teaching Java First: Experiments with Pigs-Early PedagogyLister, RF; Lister, R; Young, AL