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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-15A Systematic Review of Emergent Learning Outcomes Produced by Foreign language Tact TrainingJohn, W; Bizo, L; Young, K
2013-09-27Adult friendships in the facebook eraYoung, K
-An Examination of Special Education Teachers’ Digital PracticesKearney, M; Young, K; Burke, PF
2018-01-01CO-CREATE: Teachers’ voices to inform special education teacher educationYoung, K
2005-12-01Considering the cognitive and social implications of Children's Internet useYoung, K
2008-01-01Don't just look, listen: Uncovering children's cognitive strategies during spelling-related activitiesYoung, K
-Innovation in Initial Teacher Education through a School–University PartnershipYoung, K
2016-11InSite Hub School Project Report - Prototype OneYoung, K
2013-01-01Managing online identity and diverse social networks on FacebookYoung, K
2009-12-01Online social networking, an Australian perspectiveYoung, K
2007-12-01Pre-service teachers' perceptions of LAMS as a teaching toolKearney, M; Young, K
2012-01-01Researching young people’s online spacesYoung, K
2021-05-01Steps to Employment: Transition to work for young people with an intellectual disablityYoung, K; Rooney, D
2022-08-18The Right to Social SecurityGoldblatt, B; Langford, M; Young, K
2008-03-01Toward a model for the study of children's informal Internet useYoung, K
2019-07Transdisciplinary Education Model: Embedding Occupational Therapists into Specialised School SettingsYoung, K
2017-01-01The use of mobile devices to support young people with disabilitiesMaher, D; Young, K
2022-07-13Whack-a-Mole?: Ecologies of young adults with intellectual disabilities as they transition from school to open employmentRooney, D; Young, K