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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Adult Friendships in the Facebook EraYoung, KA
1-Feb-2018CO-CREATE: Teachers' voices to inform special education teacher educationYoung, KA
Jan-2005Considering the cognitive and social implications of children's internet useYoung, KA; Kinshuk; Demetrios; Sampson; Isaias
Jan-2007Developmental stage theory of spelling: analysis of consistency across four spelling-related activitiesYoung, KA
Jan-2005Direct from the source: the value of 'think aloud' data in understanding learningYoung, KA
Jan-2008Don't just look, listen: uncovering children's cognitive strategies during spelling-related activitiesYoung, KA
Jan-2007eBay: An authentic learning objectYoung, KA
Jan-2007An emerging learning design based on analogical reasoningKearney, MD; Young, KA; Cameron, L; Dalziel, J
2015Influences and experiences of using digital devices in laterlifeRussell, H; Young, KA
Jan-2009The Internet in Tertiary Education: A survey of students' Internet activityYoung, KA; tbc
Jan-2009Investigating Prospective Teachers as Learning Design AuthorsKearney, MD; Young, KA; Prescott, AE; Lockyer, L; Bennett, S; Agostinho, S; Harper, B; Wollongong, UO; Australia
Jan-2009Online Social Networking: An Australian PerspectiveYoung, KA
2013Over Seventies' Perceptions of the Usefulness and Usability of Popular TechnologiesYoung, KA; Russell, H
Jan-2013Researching Young People's Online SpacesYoung, KA; Riele, KT; Brooks, R
Jan-2011Social Ties, Social Networks And The Facebook ExperienceYoung, KA
Jan-2008Toward a model for the study of children's informal Internet useYoung, KA
Jan-2004Towards an integrated theoretical approach to examine learning within web-based environmentsYoung, KA; Cantoni, L; McLoughlin, C
Jan-2006The use of 'authentic' internet-mediated activity to uncover children's learning experiencesYoung, KA; NA