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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-24A Comprehensive Survey on Graph Neural NetworksWu, Z; Pan, S; Chen, F; Long, G; Zhang, C; Yu, PS
2016-01-01Analysis of teamwork dialogue: A data mining approachShibani, A; Koh, E; Lai, V; Shim, KJ; Joshi, J; Karypis, G; Liu, L; Hu, X; Ak, R; Xia, Y; Xu, W; Sato, AH; Rachuri, S; Ungar, L; Yu, PS; Govindaraju, R; Suzumura, T
2014-10-01Bag Constrained Structure Pattern Mining for Multi-Graph ClassificationWu, J; Zhu, X; Zhang, C; Yu, PS
2013-06-01Computing weight constraint reachability in large networksQiao, M; Cheng, H; Qin, L; Yu, JX; Yu, PS; Chang, L
2015-01-01Constructing plausible innocuous pseudo queries to protect user query intentionWu, Z; Shi, J; Lu, C; Chen, E; Xu, G; Li, G; Xie, S; Yu, PS
2012-07-09Coupled behavior analysis with applicationsCao, L; Ou, Y; Yu, PS
2014-09-03Coupled fuzzy k-nearest neighbors classification of imbalanced non-IID categorical dataLiu, C; Cao, L; Yu, PS
2010-09-07Detecting abnormal coupled sequences and sequence changes in group-based manipulative trading behaviorsCao, L; Ou, Y; Yu, PS; Wei, G
2017Differential Privacy and ApplicationsZhu, T; Li, G; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2020-10Differentially Private Malicious Agent Avoidance in Multiagent Advising Learning.Ye, D; Zhu, T; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2018-01-01Differentially private model publishing in cyber physical systemsZhu, T; Xiong, P; Li, G; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2017-07-01Differentially private query learning: From data publishing to model publishingZhu, T; Xiong, P; Li, G; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2010-12-01Domain driven data miningCao, L; Yu, PS; Zhang, C; Zhao, Y
2013-01-01Efficient selection of globally optimal rules on large imbalanced data based on rule coverage relationship analysisLi, J; Wang, C; Cao, L; Yu, PS
2010-12-01Exploiting local data uncertainty to boost global outlier detectionLiu, B; Yin, J; Xiao, Y; Cao, L; Yu, PS
2020-07-01Generative temporal link prediction via self-tokenized sequence modelingWang, Y; Zhang, C; Wang, S; Yu, PS; Bai, L; Cui, L; Xu, G
2013-08-15Graph stream classification using labeled and unlabeled graphsPan, S; Zhu, X; Zhang, C; Yu, PS
2014-09-03A hybrid coupled k-nearest neighbor algorithm on imbalance dataLiu, C; Cao, L; Yu, PS
2018-09-03Improving automatic source code summarization via deep reinforcement learningWan, Y; Zhao, Z; Yang, M; Xu, G; Ying, H; Wu, J; Yu, PS
2016-03-01Joint Structure Feature Exploration and Regularization for Multi-Task Graph ClassificationPan, S; Wu, J; Zhu, X; Zhang, C; Yu, PS