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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-04A food-energy-water-carbon nexus framework informs region-specific optimal strategies for agricultural sustainabilityHe, Q; De Li Liu,; Wang, B; Wang, Z; Cowie, A; Simmons, A; Xu, Z; Li, L; Shi, Y; Liu, K; Harrison, MT; Waters, C; Huete, A; Yu, Q
2006-08-29Advance of tree-flowering dates in response to urban climate changeLu, P; Yu, Q; Liu, J; Lee, X
2013-10-24Aerodynamic resistance and penman-monteith evapotranspiration over a seasonally two-layered canopy in semiarid central AustraliaCleverly, J; Chen, C; Boulain, N; Villalobos-Vega, R; Faux, R; Grant, N; Yu, Q; Eamus, D
2016-04-01Agricultural vulnerability over the Chinese Loess Plateau in response to climate change: Exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacityLi, X; Philp, J; Cremades, R; Roberts, A; He, L; Li, L; Yu, Q
2020-01-01Analyzing adaptation strategies for maize production under future climate change in Guanzhong Plain, ChinaSaddique, Q; Cai, H; Xu, J; Ajaz, A; He, J; Yu, Q; Wang, Y; Chen, H; Khan, MI; Liu, DL; He, L
2005-06-01Application of least squares vector machines in modelling water vapor and carbon dioxide fluxes over a croplandQin, Z; Yu, Q; Li, J; Wu, ZY; Hu, BM
2016-11-01Assess the topographic resolution impact on soil lossZhu, Q; Yang, X; Yu, Q
2019-01-01Assessing China's agricultural water use efficiency in a green-blue water perspective: A study based on data envelopment analysisGeng, Q; Ren, Q; Nolan, RH; Wu, P; Yu, Q
2022-02-01Assessing climate vulnerability of historical wheat yield in south-eastern Australia's wheat beltLi, S; Wang, B; Feng, P; Liu, DL; Li, L; Shi, L; Yu, Q
2022-09-01Assessing future runoff changes with different potential evapotranspiration inputs based on multi-model ensemble of CMIP5 projectionsShi, L; Feng, P; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Zhang, H; Liu, J; Yu, Q
2019-08-01Assessing impacts of climate change and human activities on streamflow and sediment discharge in the Ganjiang River basin (1964-2013)Guo, LP; Mu, XM; Hu, JM; Gao, P; Zhang, YF; Liao, KT; Bai, H; Chen, XL; Song, YJ; Jin, N; Yu, Q
2021-12-15Assessing maize potential to mitigate the adverse effects of future rising temperature and heat stress in ChinaHuang, M; Wang, J; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Feng, P; Yu, Q; Pan, X; Waters, C
2017-01-01Assessing the ability of MODIS EVI to estimate terrestrial ecosystem gross primary production of multiple land cover typesShi, H; Li, L; Eamus, D; Huete, A; Cleverly, J; Tian, X; Yu, Q; Wang, S; Montagnani, L; Magliulo, V; Rotenberg, E; Pavelka, M; Carrara, A
2022-04-01Assessing the Impact of Extreme Droughts on Dryland Vegetation by Multi-Satellite Solar-Induced Chlorophyll FluorescenceLeng, S; Huete, A; Cleverly, J; Gao, S; Yu, Q; Meng, X; Qi, J; Zhang, R; Wang, Q
2022-05-31Assimilating remote sensing data into a crop model improves winter wheat yield estimation based on regional irrigation dataJin, N; Tao, B; Ren, W; He, L; Zhang, D; Wang, D; Yu, Q
2020-11-15Attribution of climate and human activities to vegetation change in China using machine learning techniquesShi, Y; Jin, N; Ma, X; Wu, B; He, Q; Yue, C; Yu, Q
2018-06-01Australian wheat production expected to decrease by the late 21st centuryWang, B; Liu, DL; O'Leary, GJ; Asseng, S; Macadam, I; Lines-Kelly, R; Yang, X; Clark, A; Crean, J; Sides, T; Xing, H; Mi, C; Yu, Q
2021-06Bioenergy research under climate change: a bibliometric analysis from a country perspective.Zhang, Y; Yu, Q; Li, J
2017-11-15Biophysical controls of soil respiration in a wheat-maize rotation system in the North China PlainTong, X; Li, J; Nolan, RH; Yu, Q
2014-02-20Biophysical controls on light response of net CO<inf>2</inf>exchange in a winter wheat field in the North China PlainTong, X; Li, J; Yu, Q; Lin, Z