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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01Capture and use of water by wheat and chickpea in sole crops and intercrops under dryland conditions of South AustraliaJahansooz, M; Yunusa, IA; Coventry, D; Fischer, T; Turner, N; Angus, J; McIntyre, L; Robertson, M; Borrell, A; Lloyd, D
2002-01Evaporation from the grapevine canopy and soil surfacesYunusa, IA; Walker, RR; Gibberd, MR
2004-01Evapotranspiration components from energy balance, sapflow and microlysimetry techniques from an irrigated vineyard in inland AustraliaYunusa, IA; Walker, RR; Lu, P
2004-01An exploratory evaluation of APSIM to simulate growth and yield processes for winter cereals in rotation systems in South AustraliaYunusa, IA; Bellotti, WD; Moore, AD; Probert, ME; Baldock, JA; Miyan, SM
2003-01Future roles for native woody species in Australian agricultural landscapesNewton, PJ; Yunusa, IA; Wilson, BP; Curtis, A
2004-01Imbalance water-use in farming systems: the potential for bambooYunusa, IA; De Silva, DL; Odeh, I; Eamus, D; Ridley, A; Feikema, P; Bennett, S; Rogers, MJ; Wilkinson, R; Hirth, J
2011-01MODET - A modular model for estimating spatially distributed evapotranspiration, crop surface temperature and energy balancePunthakey, J; Milne-Home, WA; Yunusa, IA; Theiveyanathan, T; Prathapar, S; McLean, W; Milne-Home, WA
2007-01Productivity and rotational benefits of grass medic pastures and faba beans in a rainfall limited environmentYunusa, IA; Rashid, MA
2003-01Regulation of canopy conductance and transpiration and their modelling in irrigated grapevinesLu, P; Yunusa, IA; Walker, RR; Muller, WJ
2003-01Response of soil fertility indices to a short phase of Australian woody species, continuous annual crop rotations or a permanent pastureMele, PM; Yunusa, IA; Kingston, KB; Rab, MA
2012-01Transpiration And Plant Water Relations Of Evergreen Woody Vegetation On A Recently Constructed Artificial Ecosystem Under Seasonally Dry Conditions In Western AustraliaGwenzi, W; Veneklaas, EJ; Bleby, TM; Yunusa, IA; Hinz, C
2005-01Water potential and gas exchange did not reflect performance of Pinus radiata D. Don in an agroforestry system under conditions of soil-water deficit in a temperate environmentYunusa, IA; Thomson, SE; Pollock, KP; Lu, Y; Mead, DJ