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2022-01-01A new era in oxygen therapeutics? From perfluorocarbon systems to haemoglobin-based oxygen carriersCharbe, NB; Castillo, F; Tambuwala, MM; Prasher, P; Chellappan, DK; Carreño, A; Satija, S; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Dua, K; González-Aramundiz, JV; Zacconi, FC
-Advances in nanotechnology-based drug delivery in targeting PI3K signaling in respiratory diseasesChan, Y; MacLoughlin, R; Zacconi, FC; Tambuwala, MM; Pabari, RM; Singh, SK; Jesus Andreoli Pinto, TD; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
2022An Introduction to Respiratory Diseases and an Emerging Need for Efficient Drug Delivery SystemsSunkara, K; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Dhanjal, DS; Sharma, P; Shukla, SD; Shastri, M; Zacconi, FC; Dua, K; Allam, VSRR
-Bio-click chemistry: a bridge between biocatalysis and click chemistryRodríguez, DF; Moglie, Y; Ramírez-Sarmiento, CA; Singh, SK; Dua, K; Zacconi, FC
2022Chemical Moieties as Advanced Therapeutics for Targeting Respiratory DisordersPrasher, P; Sharma, M; Kapoor, DN; Negi, P; Gupta, G; Zacconi, FC; Tambuwala, MM; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Dureja, H; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
-Green by Design: Convergent Synthesis, Computational Analyses, and Activity Evaluation of New FXa Inhibitors Bearing Peptide Triazole Linking UnitsRodríguez, DF; Durán-Osorio, F; Duarte, Y; Olivares, P; Moglie, Y; Dua, K; Zacconi, FC
2020-11Hybrid molecules based on 1,3,5-triazine as potential therapeutics: A focused review.Prasher, P; Sharma, M; Aljabali, AAA; Gupta, G; Negi, P; Kapoor, DN; Singh, I; Zacconi, FC; de Jesus Andreoli Pinto, T; da Silva, MW; Bakshi, HA; Chellappan, DK; Tambuwala, MM; Dua, K
2021Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF): Fuel for Cancer Progression.Satija, S; Kaur, H; Tambuwala, MM; Sharma, P; Vyas, M; Khurana, N; Sharma, N; Bakshi, HA; Charbe, NB; Zacconi, FC; Aljabali, AA; Nammi, S; Dureja, H; Singh, TG; Gupta, G; Dhanjal, DS; Dua, K; Chellappan, DK; Mehta, M
2021Perfluorocarbons Therapeutics in Modern Cancer Nanotechnology for Hypoxiainduced Anti-tumor Therapy.Satija, S; Sharma, P; Kaur, H; Dhanjal, DS; Chopra, RS; Khurana, N; Vyas, M; Sharma, N; Tambuwala, MM; Bakshi, HA; Charbe, NB; Zacconi, FC; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K; Mehta, M
2020-07-30Probing 3CL protease: Rationally designed chemical moieties for COVID-19.Sharma, M; Prasher, P; Mehta, M; Zacconi, FC; Singh, Y; Kapoor, DN; Dureja, H; Pardhi, DM; Tambuwala, MM; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K; Satija, S
2021-10-15Protein and peptide delivery to lungs by using advanced targeted drug delivery.Chellappan, DK; Prasher, P; Saravanan, V; Vern Yee, VS; Wen Chi, WC; Wong, JW; Wong, JK; Wong, JT; Wan, W; Chellian, J; Molugulu, N; Prabu, SL; Ibrahim, R; Darmarajan, T; Candasamy, M; Singh, PK; Mishra, V; Khurana, N; Shastri, MD; Satija, S; Zacconi, FC; Chakraborty, A; Mehta, M; Gupta, PK; Dureja, H; Gulati, M; Singh, SK; Gupta, G; Jha, NK; George Oliver, BG; Dua, K
2023-01-01Recent Developments in Anti-Inflammatory TherapyPrasher, P; Zacconi, FC; Withey, JH; Rathbone, M; Dua, K
2021-02-04Rutin-loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles attenuate oxidative stress in bronchial epithelial cells: a PCR validation.Mehta, M; Paudel, KR; Shukla, SD; Shastri, MD; Satija, S; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Dureja, H; Zacconi, FC; Hansbro, PM; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
2020-01-01Small interfering RNA for cancer treatment: overcoming hurdles in deliveryCharbe, NB; Amnerkar, ND; Ramesh, B; Tambuwala, MM; Bakshi, HA; Aljabali, AAA; Khadse, SC; Satheeshkumar, R; Satija, S; Metha, M; Chellappan, DK; Shrivastava, G; Gupta, G; Negi, P; Dua, K; Zacconi, FC
2021-02Targeting eosinophils in respiratory diseases: Biological axis, emerging therapeutics and treatment modalities.Lee, L-Y; Hew, GSY; Meenu,; Shukla, SD; Satija, S; Khurana, N; Anand, K; Dureja, H; Singh, SK; Mishra, V; Singh, PK; Gulati, M; Prasher, P; Aljabali, AAA; Tambuwala, MM; Thangavelu, L; Panneerselvam, J; Gupta, G; Zacconi, FC; Shastri, M; Jha, NK; Xenaki, D; MacLoughlin, R; Oliver, BG; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K
2023-02-17Targeting vascular inflammation in atherosclerosis with plant extracts, phytochemicals, and their advanced drug formulationsSharma, K; Paudel, KR; Panth, N; Jha, SK; Devkota, HP; Prasher, P; Zacconi, FC; Withey, JH; Rathbone, M; Dua, K
-Toward the cholinesterase inhibition potential of TADDOL derivatives: Seminal biological and computational studiesConstantino, AR; Charbe, N; Duarte, Y; Gutiérrez, M; Giordano, A; Prasher, P; Dua, K; Mandolesi, S; Zacconi, FC
-Zerumbone liquid crystalline nanoparticles protect against oxidative stress, inflammation and senescence induced by cigarette smoke extract in vitroPaudel, KR; Clarence, DD; Panth, N; Manandhar, B; De Rubis, G; Devkota, HP; Gupta, G; Zacconi, FC; Williams, KA; Pont, LG; Singh, SK; Warkiani, ME; Adams, J; MacLoughlin, R; Oliver, BG; Chellappan, DK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
-Zerumbone-incorporated liquid crystalline nanoparticles inhibit proliferation and migration of non-small-cell lung cancer in vitroManandhar, B; Paudel, KR; Clarence, DD; De Rubis, G; Madheswaran, T; Panneerselvam, J; Zacconi, FC; Williams, KA; Pont, LG; Warkiani, ME; MacLoughlin, R; Oliver, BG; Gupta, G; Singh, SK; Chellappan, DK; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K