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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Meaningful Participatory Model of Conscious Leadership: Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence for Conscious CapitalismZappala, G; Dion, M; Pava, M
2021-04-27Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence And the Emerging Participative WorldviewZappala, G
2009-06-15Demonstrating Value and Impact in the Social EconomyZappala, G
2009-06-15Demonstrating Value and Impact in the Social Economy Question and Answer SessionKernot, C; Zappala, G; Gordon, J; Green, R; Canning, K; Robbie, K; Davis, K; Darlison, L; Grant, J; Lyons, M; McConville, K
2014-01The Emergence of the 'Social Economy': The Australian Not-for-Profit Sector in TransitionLogue, DM; Zappala, G
2014The Emergence of the ‘Social Economy’: the Australian not-for-profit sector in transitionLogue, D; Zappala, G
2006-01Factors associated with fundraising dependency among nonprofit organisations in AustraliaZappala, G; Lyons, MJ
2021-06-02Going deeper in social impact assessment: A focus on meaning rather than monetisationZappala, G
2020-11-25Meaningful Evaluation: a holistic and systemic approach to understanding and assessing outcomesZappala, G
2008-01Not-for-profit organisations and business: Mapping the extent and scope of community-business partnerships in AustraliaZappala, G; Lyons, MJ; Jo Barraket
2021-07-27Student and teacher outcomes from participating in a Philosophy for Children program: Volunteer ethics teachers’ perspectivesZappala, G; Smyth, C