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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01A guide to Open-JIP, a low-cost open-source chlorophyll fluorometerBates, H; Zavafer, A; Szabó, M; Ralph, PJ
2022-10-12Investigating the impact of light quality on macromolecular of Chaetoceros muelleri.Iwasaki, K; Szabó, M; Tamburic, B; Evenhuis, C; Zavafer, A; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Ralph, P
2017-12-01Mechanism of photodamage of the oxygen evolving Mn Cluster of Photosystem II by excessive light energyZavafer, A; Koinuma, W; Chow, WS; Cheah, MH; Mino, H
2017-08-17Non-intrusive assessment of photosystem II and photosystem I in whole coral tissuesSzabó, M; Larkum, AWD; Suggett, DJ; Vass, I; Sass, L; Osmond, B; Zavafer, A; Ralph, PJ; Chow, WS
2021-06-01Normalized chlorophyll fluorescence imaging: A method to determine irradiance and photosynthetically active radiation in phytoplankton culturesZavafer, A; Bates, H; Labeeuw, L; Kofler, JR; Ralph, PJ
2020-06-25Organized Disassembly of Photosynthesis During Programmed Cell Death Mediated By Long Chain Bases.Zavafer, A; González-Solís, A; Palacios-Bahena, S; Saucedo-García, M; Tapia de Aquino, C; Vázquez-Santana, S; King-Díaz, B; Gavilanes-Ruiz, M
2021-08-02Photoinhibition, photo-ecophysiology, and biophysics, a special issue in honor of Wah Soon ChowSzabó, M; Zavafer, A
2017-01-01Relative functional and optical absorption cross-sections of PSII and other photosynthetic parameters monitored in situ, at a distance with a time resolution of a few seconds, using a prototype light induced fluorescence transient (LIFT) deviceOsmond, B; Chow, WS; Wyber, R; Zavafer, A; Keller, B; Pogson, BJ; Robinson, SA
2019-12-01Two Quenchers Formed During Photodamage of Phostosystem II and The Role of One Quencher in Preemptive PhotoprotectionZavafer, A; Iermak, I; Cheah, MH; Chow, WS
2021-08Wah Soon Chow, a teacher, a friend and a colleague.Zavafer, A; Losciale, P; Öquist, G; He, J; Evans, JR; Fitzpatrick, D; Oguchi, R; Fan, D; Osmond, CB; Zhang, M; Huang, W; McCaffery, S; Szabó, M