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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12-01Artificial immune system for attribute weighted Naive Bayes classificationWu, J; Cai, Z; Zeng, S; Zhu, X
2022-11Climbing the Pyramid of Megaproject Social Responsibility: Impacts of External Stakeholders and Project ComplexityMa, H; Lv, K; Zeng, S; Lin, H; Shi, JJ
2023-01-01Deep Metric Learning for K Nearest Neighbor ClassificationLiao, T; Lei, Z; Zhu, T; Zeng, S; Li, Y; Yuan, C
2017-01-01Intuitionistic fuzzy induced ordered weighted averaging distance operator and its application to decision makingZeng, S; Merigó, JM; Palacios-Marqués, D; Jin, H; Gu, F
2022-03-01Intuitionistic fuzzy social network hybrid MCDM model for an assessment of digital reforms of manufacturing industry in ChinaZeng, S; Zhou, J; Zhang, C; Merigó, JM
2019-07-01A new distance measure based on the weighted induced method and its application to Pythagorean fuzzy multiple attribute group decision makingYu, L; Zeng, S; Merigó, JM; Zhang, C
2016-01-01Subjective and objective information in linguistic multi-criteria group decision makingMerigó, JM; Palacios-Marqués, D; Zeng, S
2021-04The impact and fate of clarithromycin in anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge for biogas production.Zeng, S; Sun, J; Chen, Z; Xu, Q; Wei, W; Wang, D; Ni, B-J
2018-01-01Topology-guided deformable registration with local importance preservation for biomedical imagesZheng, C; Wang, X; Zeng, S; Zhou, J; Yin, Y; Feng, D; Fulham, M