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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-24Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor 2017/18: Strategic Challenges, Social Media and Professional Competencies – Results of a Survey in 22 CountriesMacnamara, JR; Lwin, MO; Adi, A; Zerfass, A
2021-03-24Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor 2020/21. Strategic issues, competence development, ethical challenges and gender equality in the communication professionMacnamara, J; Lwin, M; Hung-Baesecke, C-JF; Zerfass, A
2018-12-01Capabilities of PR professionals for key activities lag: Asia-Pacific study shows theory and practice gapsMacnamara, J; Zerfass, A; Adi, A; Lwin, MO
2021-12-01Communication practice trends in Asia-Pacific: Focus on new technologies, but concerns about trust and ethicsMacnamara, J; lwin, MO; Hung-Baesecke, F; Zerfass, A
2022-05-28Ethical challenges of digital communication in public relations: a comparative study of individual, organizational, and national factors in 52 countriesZerfass, A; Hagelstein, J; Volk, S; Hung-Baesecke, C-JF; Macnamara, J; Meng, J; Athaydes, A
2024-01-30Ethical Challenges of Digital Communication: A Comparative Study of Public Relations Practitioners in 52 CountriesMacnamara, J; Hagelstein, J; Volk, S; Zerfass, A; Athaydes, A; Meng, J; Hung-Baesecke, C-YF
2017-09-05Evaluation stasis continues in PR and corporate communication: Asia Pacific insights into causesMacnamara, JR; Zerfass, A
2019-08-01Expanding evaluation to enable true strategic communication: Beyond message tracking to open listeningMacnamara, J; Gregory, A; Northhaft, H; Werder, KP; Vercic, D; Zerfass, A
2016-09-01'PESO' media strategy shifts to 'SOEP': Opportunities and ethical dilemmasMacnamara, J; Lwin, M; Adi, A; Zerfass, A
2018-06-01PR and Communication Management in Asia-Pacific: Trends, Growth and GapsMacnamara, JR; Zerfass, A; Lwin, M; Adi, A
2019-11-01Reviewing the ‘march to standards’ in public relations: a comparative analysis of four seminal measurement and evaluation initiativesBuhmann, A; Macnamara, J; Zerfass, A
2012-10-01Social Media Communication in Organizations: The Challenges of Balancing Openness, Strategy, and ManagementMacnamara, J; Zerfass, A