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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-09A 3D-printed microfluidic platform for simulating the effects of CPAP on the nasal epithelium.'This is an author-created, un-copyedited version of an article accepted for publication in [Biofabrication]. IOP Publishing Ltd is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this version of the manuscript or any version derived from it. The definitive publisher-authenticated version is available online at [].'; Shrestha, J; Ryan, ST; Mills, O; Zhand, S; Razavi Bazaz, S; Hansbro, PM; Ghadiri, M; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2021-11-06Affibody Functionalized Beads for the Highly Sensitive Detection of Cancer Cell-Derived ExosomesSayyadi, N; Zhand, S; Razavi Bazaz, S; Warkiani, ME
2019-01-01Analysis of poliovirus receptor, CD155 expression in different human colorectal cancer cell lines: Implications for poliovirus virotherapyZhand, S; Hosseini, S; Tabarraei, A; Moradi, A; Saeidi, M
2020-08-03COVID-19: The Immune Responses and Clinical Therapy Candidates.Zhand, S; Saghaeian Jazi, M; Mohammadi, S; Tarighati Rasekhi, R; Rostamian, G; Kalani, MR; Rostamian, A; George, J; Douglas, MW
2017-07Cytotoxic T lymphocytes and CD4 epitope mutations in the pre-core/core region of hepatitis B virus in chronic hepatitis B carriers in Northeast Iran.Zhand, S; Tabarraei, A; Nazari, A; Moradi, A
2023-02-01ImmunoInertial microfluidics: A novel strategy for isolation of small EV subpopulationsRazavi Bazaz, S; Zhand, S; Salomon, R; Beheshti, EH; Jin, D; Warkiani, ME
2021-06-01Improving capture efficiency of human cancer cell derived exosomes with nanostructured metal organic framework functionalized beadsZhand, S; Xiao, K; Razavi Bazaz, S; Zhu, Y; Bordhan, P; Jin, D; Warkiani, ME
2020-11-04Mesenchymal stem cells induce PD-L1 expression through the secretion of CCL5 in breast cancer cells.Aboulkheyr Es, H; Bigdeli, B; Zhand, S; Aref, AR; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2023-09-05Modular DNAzymes-Hydrogel Membrane Carriers for Highly Sensitive Isothermal Cross-Cascade Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria Nucleic Acids.Lin, G; Khan, JU; Zhand, S; Liu, Y; Jin, D
2017-05-01Molecular Epidemiology of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes in Patients with Thalassemia Major in Golestan Province, IranZhand, S; Bazuori, M; Tabarraei, A; Moradi, A
2017-03Mutations in Hepatitis-B X-Gene Region: Chronic Hepatitis-B versus Cirrhosis.Salarnia, F; Besharat, S; Zhand, S; Javid, N; Khodabakhshi, B; Moradi, A
2016-09-01Mutations in the Basal Core Promoter and Precore/Core Regions of Hepatitis B Virus in Patients Co-Infected With Human Immunodeficiency VirusAdli, AH; Karami, C; Zhand, S; Talei, R; Moradi, A
2018Oral poliovirus vaccine-induced programmed cell death involves both intrinsic and extrinsic pathways in human colorectal cancer cells.Zhand, S; Hosseini, SM; Tabarraei, A; Saeidi, M; Jazi, MS; Kalani, MR; Moradi, A
2020-07Pirfenidone reduces immune-suppressive capacity of cancer-associated fibroblasts through targeting CCL17 and TNF-beta.ABOULKHEYR ESTARABADI, H; Zhand, S; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2020-12-23Point of Care Diagnostics in the Age of COVID-19.Rezaei, M; Razavi Bazaz, S; Zhand, S; Sayyadi, N; Jin, D; Stewart, MP; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2021-10-01Self-assembling of chimeric mussel-inspired bio-adhesives originated from Mytilus californianus and Anabaena flos-aquae: A new approach to develop underwater adhesionIranpour, H; Hosseini, SN; Far, HH; Zhand, S; Ghanbarlu, M; Shahsavarani, H; Bouzari, S; Shokrgozar, MA
2016-12-01Study of genotype, subtype and mutation in the S gene in hepatitis B patients co-infected with HIV in IranKarami, C; Adli, AH; Zhand, S; Tabarraei, A; Talei, R; Saeidi, M; Moradi, A
2016-01-01Study of Hepatitis B Virus Genotypes and Mutation in 1762 & 1764 Nucleotides of X Gene in Chronic HBV Patients from Golestan Province—IranZhand, S; Rostamian, G; Tabarraei, A; Moradi, A
2017-01-01Study of the transcript and protein expression of poliovirus receptor (CD155 protein) on colorectal cancer cell lineZhand, S; Hoseini, SM; Tabarraei, A; Saeedi, M; Moradi, A
2023-01-09Thiolate DNAzymes on Gold Nanoparticles for Isothermal Amplification and Detection of Mesothelioma-derived Exosomal PD-L1 mRNA.Zhand, S; Zhu, Y; Nazari, H; Sadraeian, M; Warkiani, ME; Jin, D