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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01A Novel Fuzzy Neural Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Heterogeneous ScenariosLiu F; Zhang G; Lu J
2019-07-01Cross-domain Recommendation with Semantic Correlation in Tagging SystemsZhang Q; Hao P; Lu J; Zhang G
2019-07-25Deep uncertainty quantification: A machine learning approach for weather forecastingWang B; Luo H; Lu J; Li T; Zhang G; Yan Z; Zheng Y
2020-08-23Edge-consensus Learning: Deep Learning on P2P Networks with Nonhomogeneous DataNiwa K; Harada N; Zhang G; Kleijn WB
2019-05-17Fast Edge-Consensus Computing Based On Bregman Monotone Operator SplittingNiwa K; Zhang G; Kleijn WB
2020-06-24Microphone Array Wiener Post Filtering Using Monotone Operator SplittingNiwa K; Chiba H; Harada N; Zhang G; Kleijn WB
-Modeling the nonlinear rheological behavior of magnetorheological gel using a computationally efficient modelZhang G; Li Y; Yu Y; Wang H; Wang J
2019-01-01Period adding bifurcations in dynamic pricing processesLu S; Oberst S; Zhang G; Luo Z
2019-07-30Quasi-Static Rheological Properties of Lithium-Based Magnetorheological Grease under Large Deformation.Wang H; Zhang G; Wang J
2019-11-25SeShare: Secure cloud data sharing based on blockchain and public auditingHuang L; Zhang G; Yu S; Fu A; Yearwood J
2019-10-13Soft Dropout and Its Variational Bayes ApproximationXie J; Ma Z; Zhang G; Xue J; Tan Z; Guo J
2019-07-01Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Sphere Retracting TransformationFang Z; Lu J; Liu F; Zhang G