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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01A DNS Tunneling Detection Method Based on Deep Learning Models to Prevent Data ExfiltrationZhang J; Yang L; Yu S; Ma J
2019-01-01A Trace Lasso Regularized Robust Nonparallel Proximal Support Vector Machine for Noisy ClassificationChen WJ; Yang KL; Shao YH; Chen YJ; Zhang J; Yao JJ
2020-09Adsorption of phenanthrene from aqueous solutions by biochar derived from an ammoniation-hydrothermal method.Wang X; Guo Z; Hu Z; Ngo H; Liang S; Zhang J
2020-01-01Constructing multilayer locality-constrained matrix regression framework for noise robust face super-resolutionGao G; Yu Y; Xie J; Yang J; Yang M; Zhang J
2019-06-01Experimental research on deep reinforcement learning in autonomous navigation of mobile robotYue P; Xin J; Zhao H; Liu D; Shan M; Zhang J
2020-06-07Gel immobilization: A strategy to improve the performance of anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) bacteria for nitrogen-rich wastewater treatment.Ahmad HA; Ni S-Q; Ahmad S; Zhang J; Ali M; Ngo HH; Guo W; Tan Z; Wang Q
2020-04New insights for enhancing the performance of constructed wetlands at low temperatures.Ji M; Hu Z; Hou C; Liu H; Ngo HH; Guo W; Lu S; Zhang J
2019-07-01Optimal Control of CHP Plant Integrated with Load Management on HVAC System in MicrogridQi H; Yue H; Zhang J; Lo S
2020-09Performance of microbial fuel cell for treating swine wastewater containing sulfonamide antibiotics.Cheng D; Ngo HH; Guo W; Lee D; Nghiem DL; Zhang J; Liang S; Varjani S; Wang J
2019-08-01Poisoning attack in federated learning using generative adversarial netsZhang J; Chen J; Wu D; Chen B; Yu S
2019-05-01Progressive LiDAR adaptation for road detectionChen Z; Zhang J; Tao D
2020-09Removal pathways of benzofluoranthene in a constructed wetland amended with metallic ions embedded carbon.Guo Z; Kang Y; Hu Z; Liang S; Xie H; Ngo HH; Zhang J
2019-06-01Risk-constrained demand response and wind energy systems integration to handle stochastic nature and wind power outageGhavidel S; Rajabi A; Ghadi MJ; Azizivahed A; Li L; Zhang J
2019-11Silica optical fiber drawn from 3D printed preforms.Chu Y; Fu X; Luo Y; Canning J; Tian Y; Cook K; Zhang J; Peng G-D
2020-06-01Towards Automatic Construction of Diverse, High-Quality Image DatasetsYao Y; Zhang J; Shen F; Liu L; Zhu F; Zhang D; Shen HT
2019-07-01Truncated gradient confidence-weighted based online learning for imbalance streaming dataHu J; Yan C; Liu X; Zhang J; Peng D; Yang Y