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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-01A 107 pJ/b TX 260 pJ/b RX Ultralow-Power MEMS-Based Transceiver With Wake-Up in ISM-Bands for IoT ApplicationsTang, K; Yang, C; Guo, Y; Wang, N; Zhu, Y; Zhang, Y; Ng, EJ; Lee, JEY; Fang, Z; Wang, W; Jiang, H; Heng, CH; Zheng, Y
2022-01-01A Two-Stage Self-adaptive Model for Passenger Flow Prediction on Schedule-Based Railway SystemLi, B; Guo, T; Li, R; Wang, Y; Gandomi, AH; Chen, F; Gama, J; Li, T; Yu, Y; Chen, E; Zheng, Y; Teng, F
2016-08-19Accurate detection for a wide range of mutation and editing sites of microRNAs from small RNA high-throughput sequencing profilesZheng, Y; Ji, B; Song, R; Wang, S; Li, T; Zhang, X; Chen, K; Li, J
2021-10-26ANEMONE: Graph Anomaly Detection with Multi-Scale Contrastive LearningJin, M; Liu, Y; Zheng, Y; Chi, L; Li, YF; Pan, S
2017-07Atomic Interface Engineering and Electric-Field Effect in Ultrathin Bi2 MoO6 Nanosheets for Superior Lithium Ion Storage.Zheng, Y; Zhou, T; Zhao, X; Pang, WK; Gao, H; Li, S; Zhou, Z; Liu, H; Guo, Z
2006-01-01Augmented locomotor recovery after spinal cord injury in the athymic nude ratPotas, JR; Zheng, Y; Moussa, C; Venn, M; Gorrie, CA; Deng, C; Waite, PME
2024-05Automatic Assessment of Ultrasound Curvature Angle for Scoliosis Detection Using 3-D Ultrasound Volume Projection Imaging.Banerjee, S; Huang, Z; Lyu, J; Leung, FHF; Lee, T; Yang, D; Zheng, Y; McAviney, J; Ling, SH
2021-08-01Bioadaptability of biomaterials: Aiming at precision medicineXu, X; Jia, Z; Zheng, Y; Wang, Y
-Centenarian Memoirs and Vernacular HistoryZheng, Y; Hemelryk Donald, S
2020-04-01Clustering social audiences in business information networksZheng, Y; Hu, R; Fung, SF; Yu, C; Long, G; Guo, T; Pan, S
2022-01-01Cognitive AmBC-NOMA IoV-MTS Networks With IQI: Reliability and Security AnalysisLi, X; Zheng, Y; Alshehri, MD; Hai, L; Balasubramanian, V; Zeng, M; Nie, G
2021-07Concurrent design for structures and material microstructures under hybrid uncertaintiesZheng, Y; Wang, Y; Luo, Z; Lu, X; Qu, J
2017-11-17CoS Quantum Dot Nanoclusters for High-Energy Potassium-Ion BatteriesGao, H; Zhou, T; Zheng, Y; Zhang, Q; Liu, Y; Chen, J; Liu, H; Guo, Z
2018-01-01CRISPR/Cas9 cleavage efficiency regression through boosting algorithms and Markov sequence profilingPeng, H; Zheng, Y; Blumenstein, M; Tao, D; Li, J
2017-03-24Cross disease analysis of co-functional microRNA pairs on a reconstructed network of disease-gene-microRNA tripartitePeng, H; Lan, C; Zheng, Y; Hutvagner, G; Tao, D; Li, J
2007-01Cultural Tours and the Spiritual Home: On Yu Qiuyu and Contemporary Chinese Cultural EssaysZheng, Y
2019-12-24DDI-PULearn: A positive-unlabeled learning method for large-scale prediction of drug-drug interactionsZheng, Y; Peng, H; Zhang, X; Zhao, Z; Gao, X; Li, J
2022-01-01Deep Co-Image-Label Hashing for Multi-Label Image RetrievalShen, X; Dong, G; Zheng, Y; Lan, L; Tsang, I; Sun, QS
2021-04-06Deep learning detection of anomalous patterns from bus trajectories for traffic insight analysisZhang, X; Zheng, Y; Zhao, Z; Liu, Y; Blumenstein, M; Li, J
2019-07-25Deep uncertainty quantification: A machine learning approach for weather forecastingWang, B; Luo, H; Lu, J; Li, T; Zhang, G; Yan, Z; Zheng, Y