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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09-01Almost surely synchronization of directed coupled neural networks via stochastic distributed delayed impulsive controlDong, S; Shi, K; Wen, S; Shen, Y; Zhong, S
2022-06-01Amorphous Co<inf>x</inf>O<inf>y</inf> with nano-flake structure for activated persulfate degradation of p-nitrophenolQin, J; Liu, X; Zhong, S; Tian, K; Zhang, J
2000-12-01An anode material with pervoskite structure for rechargeable Li-ion batteriesZhong, S; Wang, GX; Wang, J; Bradhurst, DH; Ionescu, M; Dou, SX; Liu, HK
2018-12-01Anti-MUC1 CAR-T cells combined with PD-1 knockout engineered T cells for patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): A pilot studyChen, S; Lin, Y; Zhong, S; An, H; Lu, Y; Yin, M; Liang, W; McGowan, EM
2018-12-03Anti-MUC1 CAR-T Cells combined with PD-1 Knockout Engineered T Cells for patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): A pilot study, ESMO Immuno-oncology conferenceChen, S; Lin, Y; Zhong, S; An, H; Lu, Y; Yin, M; Liang, W; McGowan, E
2018-01-01Collaborative ensemble learning under differential privacyXiang, T; Li, Y; Li, X; Zhong, S; Yu, S
2023Communication security of autonomous ground vehicles based on networked control systems: The optimized LMI approachCai, X; Shi, K; She, K; Zhong, S; Wen, S; Xie, Y; Sun, J; Zhang, Y; Chen, H; Chen, M; Hu, Q
2021-01Improved approach to the problem of the global Mittag-Leffler synchronization for fractional-order multidimension-valued BAM neural networks based on new inequalities.Xiao, J; Zhong, S; Wen, S
2022-11-01Learning Multiaspect Traffic Couplings by Multirelational Graph Attention Networks for Traffic PredictionHuang, J; Luo, K; Cao, L; Wen, Y; Zhong, S
2007-08-01Nanostructured nickel sulfide synthesized via a polyol route as a cathode material for the rechargeable lithium batteryWang, J; Chew, SY; Wexler, D; Wang, GX; Ng, SH; Zhong, S; Liu, HK
2020-02New approach to global Mittag-Leffler synchronization problem of fractional-order quaternion-valued BAM neural networks based on a new inequality.Xiao, J; Wen, S; Yang, X; Zhong, S
2021-12New genetic variants associated with major adverse cardiovascular events in patients with acute coronary syndromes and treated with clopidogrel and aspirin.Liu, X; Xu, H; Xu, H; Geng, Q; Mak, W-H; Ling, F; Su, Z; Yang, F; Zhang, T; Chen, J; Yang, H; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Xu, X; Jia, H; Zhang, Z; Liu, X; Zhong, S
2023-02-01New Results on Finite-Time Synchronization Control of Chaotic Memristor-Based Inertial Neural Networks with Time-Varying DelaysWang, J; Tian, Y; Hua, L; Shi, K; Zhong, S; Wen, S
2021Novel Inequalities to Global Mittag-Leffler Synchronization and Stability Analysis of Fractional-Order Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks[-.3pc].Xiao, J; Cao, J; Cheng, J; Wen, S; Zhang, R; Zhong, S
2020-07-01Novel methods to finite-time Mittag-Leffler synchronization problem of fractional-order quaternion-valued neural networksXiao, J; Cao, J; Cheng, J; Zhong, S; Wen, S
2018-07-05Performance and Security Evaluations of Identity-and Pairing-Based Digital Signature Algorithms on Windows, Android, and Linux Platforms: Revisiting the Algorithms of Cha and Cheon, Hess, Barreto, Libert, Mccullagh and Quisquater, and Paterson and SchuldtZhong, S; Ren, W; Zhu, T; Ren, Y; Choo, KKR
2023-10-01Stability Analysis and Security-Based Event-Triggered Mechanism Design for T-S Fuzzy NCS With Traffic Congestion via DoS Attack and Its ApplicationShi, K; Cai, X; She, K; Wen, S; Zhong, S; Park, PG; Kwon, OM
2002-06-01Synthesis of layered-structure LiMn<inf>1-x</inf>Cr<inf>x</inf>O<inf>2</inf> by the Pechini method and characterization as a cathode for rechargeable Li/LiMnO<inf>2</inf> cellsGuo, ZP; Zhong, S; Wang, GX; Walter, G; Liu, HK; Dou, SX
2022-01-01Unified Analysis on the Global Dissipativity and Stability of Fractional-Order Multidimension-Valued Memristive Neural Networks With Time Delay.Xiao, J; Zhong, S; Wen, S